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Iraqi President

Is it me or does the newly US appointed Iraqi President, Ghazi Al Yawar, look like a fat Saddam Hussein?

Movie Review

Fantastic movie review of the “Labyrinth,” a fictional film about the Lebanese civil war, in the Daily Star. My favorite sentance: “In films dealing with incomprehensible foreign situations, it is common enough to inject one of “us” into the plot in order to make “their” byzantine political conflicts digestible. In this case “we” are represented […]

Arafat Still Shines

Guess what? Israel is a Jewish State. Yasir Arafat, in an interview with the “Jewish” newspaper Haaretz pointed out to the interviewer and its Jewish readers that Israel is “definitely a Jewish State.” Chairman Arafat also went on to say that the right of return for Palestinian refugees should be implemented only after Palestinian refugees […]

A Moat Without a Castle

Israel’s strategy against the Palestinians must please Medieval historians everywhere. How Middle Ages can Israel get? -Its leader is super fat like those Kings who died of overeating (I suspect he eats Palestinian homes). Plus, he lives in a ranch that resembles a castle, replete with a watch tower (and probably an underground dungeon). Peres […]

Jibril Rajoub

Jibril Rajoub, the mafia commander of the West Bank preventative security forces, explains his crass assault on human rights during his reign of torture and terror in a December 1997 symposium (transcribed and published by the Arab Thought Forum, Jerusalem, March 1998): “Yes, there were aberrations, some are due to procedural flaws by human rights […]

Meet me in Tel Aviv

For the Jewish Singles Festival! The state of Israel has finally met its purpose: http://www.loveintelaviv.com/

Palestinians Initiate Letter Writing Campaign

Israel’s new rationalization for seemingly repressive measures has shed light on the humanitarian and moral spirit of the democratic state. This month, Major General Amos Gilad, head of the political-military bureau at Israel’s ministry of defense, expressed his satisfaction with the genocide/holocaust prevention fence/clothesline that Israel is building. “What I can say is that by […]

Speaking of Piles of Rubble

This is one proposed “Free Speech zone” — where protestors can gather to exercise their free speech and assembly — for this Summer’s Democratic National Convention in Boston. Other suggested sites proposed by the Democrats include: the outfield of Fenway park during Red Sox batting practice; in a steel cage at the bottom of the […]

Palestinians to tour pile of rubble

Today was the first major stop of Christians for Israel USA’s tour of bombed out bus 19, to “show that those who would destroy Israel as a nation have formed an alliance against God.” Ha’aretz earlier estimated that 70,000 ralliers would attend today’s launch in front of the Capitol building. Approximately 40 people showed up, […]

Internalized Culinary Imperialism

NYC- Maghrebi restaurant Zerza offers couscous, tagine, and “Israeli spinach pies.” Zerza’s executive chef could not be reached for comment, however, here is an excerpt of what he would most likely have said: “no comment.”

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