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Iraq’s Tragic Deaths in the New Year

The day after the execution of Saddam Hussein’s execution, the 3000th American soldier dies in Iraq. His name: Dustin Donica. I wish I had the names of Iraq’s countless victims. Peace groups are holding protests to mark the occasion. George Bush especially let the media know he was mourning this one. Donica’s death by a […]

Saddam Hanged: The Full Video

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ4TH2SfZHE]An onlooker shot this with a camera phone…

Saddam Hussein’s Execution: Justice or Not?

Make no mistake about it. The execution of Saddam Hussein and his siblings is not one to cry about. That this megalomaniac was brutal and guilty of crimes against humanity is hardly controversial. That it brought some fulfillment to his long list of victims should not be under appreciated. As a Palestinian, I can sympathize […]

Photo of the Year!

And you probably thought white activists were weird… These protesters took to the streets of the southern Indian city of Chennai this morning to protest the execution of former Iraqi president and dictator Saddam Hussein. While other international protests carried the message of either Islam vs. the west (how original), anti-capital punishment, or America’s disgusting […]

Let’s Play Hangman

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ! Guess the letters in the comments section.

Israeli Rabbis: Don’t Rent to Arabs!

In accordance with the Jewish State’s long history of providing equal opportunities and civil liberties to all of it’s citizens, regardless of religion or ethnicity, the rabbinical leaders of Bnei Brak recently published an announcement forbidding the sale or rental of apartments to Arabs. Entitled “A holy calling – regarding the severe phenomenon on renting […]

Year in Review

From Egyptian cartoonist Tarek Shahin, brilliant as always. Check out his website for new material published once a week: http://cairofreeze.blogspot.com/

Grab Your Pen & Pad…

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tfK-1oF4I8] and start taking notes. Arab men = total bad asses = hot tamales! Oh yeah…

MTV Arabiya 2007

Ongoing Mideast turmoil or no, Viacom-owned MTV is wheeling and dealing in perhaps the most conservative culture on the planet to create an MTV version for the lucrative youth audience. Just recently, the channel that has given the world shows like ‘Road Rules’ and ‘Pimp My Ride,’ inked a deal with Dubai-based start-up Arabian Television […]

Saddam’s Sentencing: Grasping All That Fuss!

Today, the online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle published a great piece concerning opposing world views about the recent Iraqi court decision to uphold Saddam Hussein’s death sentence. The article notes that while most Iraqis (source? Allah knows…) “would welcome a swift execution” of their former dictator, many foreign governments and internationals are left […]

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