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Tito Kayak highlights intersecting struggles

The following story is from last April, but needs to be posted as not enough people know about the amazingness that you are about to witness. But first, some background:

Puerto Rican activist “Tito Kayak” (born Alberto De Jesus Mercado) is internationally known for creeping into places he shouldn’t(?) be, and planting flags in places where they shouldn’t(?) be planted. In 2000, he and other activists stepped onto the crown of the Statue of Liberty to plant a Puerto Rican flag on the statue. He was subsequently jailed. Five years later he was arrested at the United nations for trying to switch the UN flag with the Puerto Rican one, while the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization discussed the political situation of Puerto Rico.

And just this past April at a weekly Bil’in protest in the West Bank he was somehow able to climb to the very top of a Israeli surveillance tower to… well, check it out:


Kayak and the flag remained up there for five hours before he came down. He was arrested, of course. And subsequently deported.

Tito celebrates his 50th birthday next year.

[Tarboush tip: Emily]

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