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Israeli Meteorology

Most people consult the weather to decide on what to wear when they go outside. For Israel, the weather determines how it will go about attacking Palestinians. A Jerusalem Post analysis considers the weather unfriendly to those poor Israeli bombers and jets. UAV’s and pilots can’t fly under the clouds because they’ll get shot down, […]

Brothers, sisters, cousins, wives, husbands, friends, daughters, sons, colleagues, neighbors

The first 187 names of those murdered in the ongoing Gaza massacre were released today: Ibrahim Al-JamajIbrahim Al-JamajIsma’il Al-HusariIsma’il SalemIsma’il GhneimEyman NatourEyhab Ash-ShaerIbrahim MahfoudhAbu Ali Ar-RahhalAhmad Al-HalabiAhmad Al-KurdAhmad Al-LahhamAhmad Al-HumsAhmad At-TalouliAhmad Zu’rubAhmad Abu JazarAhmad RadwanAhmad ‘UdahAhmad Abu MousaAhmad TbeilAdham Al-AreiniOsama Abu Ar-RusOsama Abu Ar-ReishOsama DarweishAshraf Ash-SharabasiAshraf Abu SuhweilAmjad Abu JazarAmeen Az-ZarbatliAnas HamadAnwar Al-BardiniAnwar Al-KurdAyman Abu […]

Zapatista’s Festival of Dignified Rage condemns Israel’s massacre against Palestine

From “La Jornada” | Translation by KABOBfest San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, December 30 | In wrapping up the year, the first World Festival of Dignified Rage, which began on the 26th in Mexico City, travels to Chiapas to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) uprising. This Wednesday, […]

Gaza is Safe! The Arab League is Convening!

The only organization more powerful than the Arab League is the Model Arab League — because model means “prototype” or “exemplar.” I don’t know about you all, but I’m really excited for the “emergency” Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo today. The Financial Times reported they are seeking a “common position on the attacks.” They […]

Israel Bombs Refugee Camps – Do Americans Even Know What Refugees Are?

These maps combined show the areas hardest hit by Israel in Gaza (left) and Gaza’s refugee camps (right, in red). There is a clear overlap. Refugees, a class of persons normally in need of the most protection, and in fact afforded special coverage under international law, are suffering the most in Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. […]

A call to all poets, writers, artists, musicians…

A guest posting by Tala of Lamentations – Gaza The silence of the governments of the world has been disheartening, but there has never been a more significant time for hope. For the sake of hope, I’m asking you to share your art and writing with us. A major communications company in LA wants to […]

CNN en Español’s interview with Pedro Brieger on Brazil’s possible involvement on Gaza

We just got DirecTV Latino (hbb loves soccer), which includes CNN en Español. I’ve never watched it much before, but my friend Alvaro and I turned it there in time for the evening news show, “Panorama Mundial,” which he promised was actually pretty good. The first story, of course, was Gaza. And Alvaro was right. […]

Graf for Gaza Up in NYC

“A Gift for Gaza from a few friends… This can be seen in the South Bronx from the Bruckner Highway.” [Tarboush Tip: Reals via Lamis]

Al-Jazeera, English: Nowhere to Run in Gaza

A powerful package that records the trauma of Israeli bombardment. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5osk2toY1E]

Images from the Gaza protest at the State Department and White House

At least 2,000 protesters (organizers say 5,000 and police say 2,500) in DC this evening marched from the State Department to the White House and back. See the Russia Today story on the DC protest. [Tarboush tip: Will and Fadi]

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