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Zapatista’s Festival of Dignified Rage condemns Israel’s massacre against Palestine

From “La Jornada” | Translation by KABOBfest

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, December 30 | In wrapping up the year, the first World Festival of Dignified Rage, which began on the 26th in Mexico City, travels to Chiapas to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) uprising.

This Wednesday, in the caracol Resistance for humanity seated in the Tzotzil community of Oventic, the Zapatistas’ supporting bases, and its autonomous governments will receive the festival’s participants.

From there, in its final phase, the international encounter of critique and creativity of rebellious rage will come to the city for five more days of activities, designated to put forward “another world, another politics.”

The EZLN’s new initiative coincides with a national and international state of profound economic and political crisis, where that which was once thought of as solid and immutable (“the end of history” would invoke not much for the neoliberal ideology of Francis Fukuyama) is melted into air, opening the way into what will certainly be a different world. It remains to be seen.

The activities will be held at the Universidad de la Tierra (CIDECI) from January 2nd through the 5th. No word yet on the activities planned for January 1st.

Through exploring the journeys of other social movements, cities, and histories, and by reeling the “four wheels of capitalism” (exploitation, dispossession, repression, and disregard), the encounter will put forth new directions in the heat of the popular rebellion in Greece and the worsening violence in Israel’s war against the Palestinian people, among other transcendental events.

In this context, the organizations, collectives, and individual participants in the World Festival of Dignified Rage yesterday condemned “the horrific massacre perpetuated by the Israeli army against the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, which has resulted in hundreds of people dead, wounded, the majority of which are civilians.”

They stated: “This crime represents a dangerous rise in the permanent holocaust against the Palestinian people,” with “the world’s silence serving as complicit, hypocritical, and shameful.” What is considered to be “Israel’s largest aerial attack in the past 40 years,” is realized through F-16 Apache helicopters provided by the United States.

This, “while world leaders criticize the ‘provocations’ of the Palestinian government of Hamas and limit themselves in questioning the disproportionate use of force” by Israel. “The ferociousness of this slaughter has provoked the ire of hundreds of thousands of people who are marching and protesting through many parts of the world. We express our dignified rage against this genocidal attack.”

The announced discussions in San Cristóbal de las Casas will begin on January 2nd, with the following organizations speaking: Ya Basta (Italy), Central General de Trabajadores (Spain), Comité de solidaridad con los pueblos de Chiapas en lucha (France), Justicia para el Barrio (United States), Movimiento de trabajadores desocupados de Argentina, Revista Alana (Greece), Hugo Blanco (CCP-Perú), UNOPII, UNIOS y EZLN (México). The latter will moderate this and the subsequent reunions, and will participate in all of them.

On January 3rd, it will be Adolfo Gilly (México), Mónica Baltodano (Nicaragua), Raúl Zibechi (Uruguay) y Óscar Olivera (Bolivia).

The wil be a debate regarding “the other communication, the other culture” with, among others, the rockers Roco (of La Maldita Vecindad), El Mastuerzo (of Botellita de Jérez y más allá), Ángel Lara (of Hechos contra el decoro y más allá) and the alternate will Franz Illich from Tijuana. That same day the French (leftist) political leader Olivier Besancenot, the Italian journalist Pier Luigi Sullo and his analysts Jaime Pastor and Sergio Rodríguez Lascano will be present.

On the 4th there will be panels with Joxe Iriarte (Basque Country), Jean Robert (Switzerland) and Mexicans Luis Villoro and Gustavo Esteva. Additionally, of “sexual abuse and the power of the Other Sexuality”, Mariana Selvas, Italia Méndez, Norma Jiménez and the Red Mexicana de Trabajo Sexual. They will be followed by Michael Hardt (United States), Walter Mignolo (Argentina), Carlos Aguirre Rojas, Sylvia Marcos and in a written statement, Indian author Arundhati Roy, moderated by Eduardo Almeida Costa.

On Monday, the 5th, the countryside speaks: Alberto Gómez (of Comité de Coordinación Internacional de la Vía Campesina), Dolores Sales (Coordinación Nacional Indígena y Campesina de Guatemala), América Millaray Painemal Morales (Asociación Nacional de Mujeres Rurales e Indígenas de Chile), Carlos Marentes (Sindicato de Trabajadores Agrícolas Fronterizos, Estados Unidos) and Juan Chávez (Congreso Nacional Indígena).

The final session will feature Pablo González Casanova, Paulina Fernández, Carlos González, Marcos Roitman and, through a message via DVD, British writer John Berger.

— Hermann Bellinghausen (Correspondent)

[Tarboush Tip: Alvaro]

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50 Responses to “Zapatista’s Festival of Dignified Rage condemns Israel’s massacre against Palestine”

  1. Salutos a los revolucionarios.

    Posted by Sword | December 31, 2008, 11:31 am
  2. It’d be interesting to see, assuming a free and independent Palestinian state were established, just how much common ground the Zapatistas and the Palestinians would continue to have. From what I saw in Ramallah, the Palestinians have taken to capitalism every bit as much as the Israelis, no matter what “other world” the EZLN dreams of.

    Posted by Joe | December 31, 2008, 3:00 pm
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  4. he Zapatistas and the Palestinians would continue to have. From what I saw in Ramallah, the Palestinians have taken to capitalism every bit as much as the Israelis, no matter what "other world" the EZLN dreams of.

    Posted by e-papierosy | March 4, 2013, 10:51 am
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