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Worse Than Bush

The World Conference on Racism (Durban II) commenced today in Geneva, with the US, Israel, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Italy, and Germany boycotting the event.

Having had either no history of racism or cleared their slate as far as racist or colonialist crimes and practices are concerned, the US and co. have the luxury of basing their decision to boycott solely on what Israel want this time around.

The aforementioned authorities on harmony and equality decided to boycott the world’s leading forum on racism because of fears it may be critical of racism, practiced by Israel that is. With more than five dozen laws that discriminate based on ethnicity, an extreme right-wing government that calls for ethnic cleansing, and a founding ideology based on the ethno-religious superiority of one people and the entitlement to other people’s land, any debate of potential racism in Israel seems to constitute a crime in the west.

And to complete the cover, Israel’s nut jobs, including Alan Dershowitz and Ellie Wissel, went to protest the Iranian president in the street, giving CNN and FOX the reel they needed to put on a loop so they completely mask the issue for the few Americans who may ask questions about it.

With George Bush, we had a clear villain; a murderous abuser of human rights and executor of imperialist policies that many of his actions cam under scrutiny, and even though he managed to get away with many crimes, they were not accepted as righteous by the wider population. So all Bush got to do about this conference that called for recognizing Zionism and racism, was to stay out it, the US and Israel only.

Obama, on the other hand, with his liberal movement mandate, gets away with more crimes than Bush, because the liberal who scrutinized Bush’s every action, are sleeping rotten when it comes to Obama, thinking that Change towards an equitable progressive society was achieved on election day.

Not only did Obama managed to change the draft text of the conference to omit mentions of the racism inherent to Zionism and the Israeli state, and followed that by having all the side activities critical of Israel pushed out side of the conference, but also he boycotted the conference, influencing a slew of western countries that, despite histories rich with racism and colonialism, had some qualms about associating with Bush.

So be careful, if Obama looks better than Bush, it means you just don’t know how he’s about to screw you. Careful Cuba and Venezuela. And if you’re looking for a black president to finally make America discuss its history of racism, wait a little longer.

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