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Glenn Greenwald Pounds the New Republic

Following on Kalash’s post about the media’s hypocritical love affair with Iran’s imprisonment of Roxana Saberi, you have to read Glenn Greenwald’s devastating rebuke to this myopic, selective advocacy of press freedom. He makes the same point as Kalash about the American government’s detention of journalists, who have been held for years with no trial — and with little more than a peep from the same blowhards having a fit over Saberi (with the exception of Nicholas Kristof, he notes).

I would also add that American forces struck both Al-Jazeera bureaus in Kabul and Baghdad, killing reporter Tareq Ayyoub in the latter case, and even allegedly considered bombing its headquarters in Doha, according to a leaked British document.

His post and subsequent updates are most powerful where they smash to smithereens The New Republic, the liberal, Neoconny, Zionist rag. He dismantles their moral righteousness, issued via tweets, and exposes the blindspots in their moving slideshow-tribute to “Prisoners Behind Bars,” journalists imprisoned by Iran, China, Cuba, Russia, Sri Lanka, Burma, Eritrea, Vietnam, and North Korea.

Because only the bad guys lock up reporters.

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