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Kadim Al Sahir: The Redemption Album

Kadim Al Sahir, the legendary Iraqi musician has released his latest album, and to my surprise, glorious it was. As someone who followed Kadim Al Sahir’s two decades long career, I am proud to report back to you that our star is still at the top of his game. His album, Alrasim Bilkalimat, “drawing with words” proofs yet that Kathem still has “it”. With nine songs that offer something wonderful to each of his loyal fans. When I first read about the album that comes after Kadim’s mom’s death, I was cynical as his previous album was not up to par. Not until I read the comments of the people who listened to the album and I felt Kadim might have just released the album of redemption.

Take for example, the title song Alrasim Bilkalimat, a jewel of Nizar Qabani perfectly brings back memories of all Kadim golden songs. Think a breathtaking blend of all his previous hit songs (Madrasat El Hob, Ana Wa Layla, Ashhado, Zeediny) but with fresh lyrics and imaginative music that Kathem personally gave life to. Kadim also includes another Nizar Qabani gem “Habibty” where you find Kadim asking his loved one how to answer questions about his love. While Kadim wrote the music for some of the songs on this album like he always does, he collaborates with other musicians to avoid repetitiveness.

Kadim also realizes that not all his fans like his take on Nizar Qabani’s treasures. Thus he includes a duet “AlMahkama”, the courtroom where two lovers are in front of a judge presenting their cases. The song is serious breath of fresh air that keeps listeners interested to hear the entire song where the start of the song is as explosive as the end of it. Asmaa Al Minawar, the Moroccan starlet who performs the song goes to show Kadim’s respect for his art and working with artist who add to his musical history and not to his bank account. The song talks about jealousy, past relations, forgivness, fairness, female/male wants…etc.

Iraqi fans who Kadim won over by his last all Iraqi themed album can also celebrate as his album features two Iraqi style song “600 Bosa”, “600 kisses” and “Ween Albab”, “Where is the Door” to remind them in Iraq that he has them on mind. Another song is Aljareedah, “the newspaper” an original topic on life, news and the crazy world. “Oskot”, “be quite” is another song where Kadim delivers a sad melody where he is talking to his EX about what upsets him. “Mo Tabi’e” “Not Normal” is the song that Kadim faults a male lover for not being honest with his girlfriend.

I share this album with all Arabs, Arabic and Iraqi Music fans, and the new converts. Most Arab singers can carry a song, few can even write music but I have yet to see a contemporary Arabic singer who does it so well for so long as Kadim Al Sahir. With this album Kadim sticks his tongue out to all those whos has said, original Arabic music (Tarab) is dead. This album is a triumph, give it a listen.

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7 Responses to “Kadim Al Sahir: The Redemption Album”

  1. where R U Kabobers ???

    lots of trouble to talk about in the arab world…. get up lazy new staff

    Posted by arab | November 1, 2009, 1:46 pm
  2. -it 's not quite "not quiet" :)
    -when I started reading this post I thought you would talk about why Kathem changed the lines of Nizar's jewels (particulary Al-Rasm Bil Kalimat)…adding/substituting and in fact deleting many lines and words…My opinion is to make it more acceptable to the "Arab street"…but as a long-time admirer of Kathem and his music I find this fear a bit disappointing…

    perhaps people should read the original/ full Nizar poem to realize why many (beautiful) lines were thrown out…

    لا تطلبي مني حساب حياتي
    ان الحديث يطول يا مولاتي

    كل العصور انا بها …فكانما
    عمري ملايين من السنوات..

    تعبت من السفر الطويل حقائبي
    و تعبت من خيلي و من غزواتي..

    لم يبق نهدا.. اسود او ابيض
    الا زرعت بارضه راياتي..

    لم تبق زاوية بجسم جميله
    الا ومرت فوقها عرباتي..

    فصلت من جسم النساء عباءة
    و بنيت اهراما من الحلمات..

    و كتبت شعرا .. لا يشابه سحره
    الا كلام الله في التوراة..

    ..و اليوم اجلس فوق سفينتي
    كاللص..ابحث عن طريق نجاه

    و ادير مفتاح الحريم.. فلا ارى
    في الظل غير جماجم الاموات

    ..اين السبايا؟؟..اين ما ملكت يدي؟؟
    ..اين البخور يضوع من حجراتي؟؟

    اليوم تنتقم النهود لنفسها
    ..و ترد لي الطعنات بالطعنات..

    ماساة هارون الرشيد مريرة
    لو تدركين مرارة الماساة

    ..اني كمصباح الطريق..صديقي
    ابكي..ولا احد يرى دمعاتي…..

    الجنس كان مسكنا جربته
    لم ينه احزاني و لا ازماتي

    و الحب.. اصبح كله متشابها
    كتشابه الاوراق في الغابات..

    انا عاجز عن عشق اية نملة
    ..او غيمة..عن عشق اي حصاة

    مارست الف عبادة و عباده
    فوجدت افضلها عبادة ذاتي

    فمك المطيب..لا يحل قضيتي
    فقضيتي في دفتري و دواتي..

    كل الدروب امامنا مسدودة
    ..و خلاصنا ..بالرسم و الكلمات..

    Posted by 1899 | November 3, 2009, 11:06 pm
  3. I did read it…but this is about Kathem not nizar…he often changes things in original poems…this is the Middle East man…cannot be running around sining about tities.

    Posted by Hanitizer | November 7, 2009, 12:08 pm
  4. Thanks for the post, I was a big fan of Kazem but his more recent works disappointed me severely and then seeing his diva treatment (thanks to his own facebook group) I was just really turned off. If what you say is true and this album brings back and refreshes the magic, I'll forgive the diva stuff and just enjoy the man's talent again. I'll have to check this album out after all.

    Posted by Jamal | November 8, 2009, 5:11 am
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  6. kadim essahir is one of the best singer in the arab world
    I’m glad that you shared this useful info
    Please keep us informed like this. Thanks :)

    Posted by العب العب | November 22, 2014, 6:38 am

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