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The Zionist Adventure (Part 4)

The world knew, however, even before 1975, that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.

But politicians are cheap, and there is no indication that Zionist bank accounts, which include the three most powerful industries (petroleum, technology, and weapons manufacturing), are going to run out any time soon.

It’s not that Zionist Jews control the world, but that the global financial/economic impact from the Zionist project is too important for the class of profiteers, including Jews, Arabs, and anyone else in Uncle Sam’s orbit.

The Zionist Adventure (Part 3)

Zionist leaders have resorted to their dirtiest (and probably last) card in their deck: to turn the Zionist, Jewish, and Israeli identities into synonyms.

By insisting to refer to themselves as Jews, they turned every criticism against Israel or Zionism into criticism against world Jewry, and thus anti-Zionism became synonymous with anti-Semitism.

Who is Hotter? Lebanese vs. Egyptians

Ask any Arab this question, which Arab country has the hottest women? Chances are they will instantly say Lebanon. Of course many will say their own county does, but most will point fingers to Lebanon as the country with an unlimited supplies of beautiful people. I guess this is true, even the ones deemed average looking in Lebanon are considered good looking wherever they go.

The Zionist Adventure (Part 2)

Just like any other modern country, the Zionist government filled the heads of their children with national myths.

Had it not been for prominent Jewish and Israeli historians and intellectuals, one could listen to Shimon Perez and shed tears as he explains how Israel was born out of a dream, and how the Jews turned the empty desert into a blossoming garden with rivers of honey and milk.

Santa and Bin Ladin — Lots in Common

I never thought about Santa Claus having so much in common with the world’s number one terrorist. After all, there was news of some wannabe terrorist wanting to blow up a Christmas tree.

The Zionist Adventure (Part 1)

The simple-minded Arab, however, missed the more obvious and correct explanation; that Zionism was just another European colonial entity that just happens to be of Semitic roots (completely irrelevant), naturally in cahoots with other, like-minded European colonial regimes.

The Zionists are not, and never were, in control of superpowers. They were allies in colonialism, and both sides found mutual interests in furthering the Zionist project.

The Time for Solidarity is Always Now

As George Galloway said in his unforgettable interview on Sky News, Nasrallah’s reputation has grown exponentially among all Arabs, Muslim and Christian.

This admiration began with the Israeli humiliating defeat and withdrawal from the South (of Lebanon) in May of 2000.

Shocking! Yehya Saade Passes Away

Yehya Saade, the creative and sometimes controversial music video director might have just passed away in Turkey as a result of an accident with electricity on the set of Lebanese socialite Maya Diab first music video. The young director has dozens of music videos under his belt as he collaborated with a number of leading Arab female singers, who mostly loved his work. Lately he has been caught in public feuds with Egyptian songstress Somya Alkhashab. Maya Diab who learned of his tragic death has a breakdown.

No Space in the American Narrative

While built on a violent history, the American Narrative has evolved into one of inclusivity. Albeit designated as a melting pot, the emphasis on the importance of the individual – his rights, freedoms and liberties – does at the same time promote a type of inclusion. By subscribing to this basic premise – and the idea of American exceptionalism – one becomes a part of the American Narrative.

Messy Arab Etymology!

The word “Asia” comes from Greek “Ασία,” which in turn comes from the Akkadian/Saracen word “asa” meaning “east or sunrise.”

Arabic (the current lingua franca of all Saracens) has modified this word to “asharq الشرق .”

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