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On the destruction of Speaker’s Corner

Or why I hate the missionaries.

Merah is a Product of France, Not Islam

France’s Muslim minority are the whipping boys in the election campaign, a sign of the deeper issues within the society. Mohamed Merah’s killing spree is merely another product of this.

Tabloid Islamophobia in the UK

The British Media & Islam – newspapers have taken liberties with the truth far too many times…

Saleh Gone: What Next?

President Saleh has arrived in the USA, with his presidency at its end. But what next for Yemen?

Let’s Talk About Sectarianism, Baby

The hypocrisy of Arab sectarian behavior is not part of Arab history.

Yemen’s ‘Life March’ – 250 km of protest

Yemen’s ‘Life March’ has reinvigorated the Yemeni revolution.

Bouazizi: A Year On

Just over a year ago, Mohammed Bouazizi was the spark of the Tunisian revolution, and the Arab Uprisings. His death was more than just suicide.

Does the GCC deal mean a Yemeni democracy?

Ali Abdullah Saleh finally signed the GCC initiative on Wednesday; does it mean the end of months of protest, and victory for the Yemeni revolution?

Yemeni Revolution arrives in Michigan

Tawakkol Karman, Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, at the University of Michigan.

Gaddafi & Libya through Western eyes

The problem that many are facing in analysing Libya and Gaddafi’s demise is that they are looking at it all with a Western focus.

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