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Make Bradford British: Entertainment Not Exposition

A UK show with a promising idea just plays on and perpetuates racial stereotypes.

Show Us Your Nikahnama!

Thinking about hanging out in a park with your premarital sin partner in a Pakistani park anytime soon? Think again, socially destructive fiends!

Diary of a Bad Man

One of the most popular Youtube shows of the year, in the UK, takes a humorous look at the British Asian experience with religion, relationships and overbearing moms.

Israel: South Sudan’s Big Brother

The youngest country in the world’s has deep ties with the country holding down the contemporary history’s longest occupation. What gives?

The Taliban in Qatar

Goodwill is not something the Taliban have found in short supply over the festive season. Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, agreed last week to the opening of a Taliban liaison office in Qatar, a week after Joe Biden set out to make it clear that ‘the Taliban per se are not our enemy’.

Al Jazeera’s Muslims of France

A brief survey of Al Jazeera English’s ‘Muslims of France.’

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