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Will | Founder | Twitter

Will is important enough to have his own Wikipedia page which fails to mention KABOBfest because he’s that ashamed.

Sana | Editor-in-Chief | Twitter

Sana is a strict adherent of the “Haters gonna hate” school of thought, holding back no punches when bashing Arabs during standup routines. She recently completed her MA at a Canadian Middle East madrassa and spends her free time trying to ward off Ayman Mohyeldin’s desperate advances on Twitter. She is also a contributor here and blogs almost regularly here.

Yazan | Content Editor

It has been recorded that when Yazan was born, a triple rainbow appeared and the heavens showered the land with honey and cinnamon. He has lived and been educated in three continents in an endless pursuit to do some good, one meaningless word at a time on topics ranging from politics to pop-culture. He has an unhealthy obsession over figs and likes to be hugged. He can only be contacted through a complicated magical ritual and blood sacrifice.

Abubakr | Writer | Twitter

Abubakr is a post-graduate student at a London university, studying all things Middle-Eastern. He is the second most famous British Yemeni, after Prince Naseem. He spends his days trying to convince people that Yemen exists outside of that Friends episode and that they definitely aren’t Saudis. His blogging largely consists of the above, and anything else that piques his interest. And sometimes he also runs Comment Middle East.

Nabeelah | Writer | Twitter

Nabeelah is a recent Oxford graduate and long-time ranter from London’s East African Asian community. Having discovered an inexplicable lack of demand for historians, she now focuses on migration, gender, youth social mobility and international relations as a research assistant at British think tank, Policy Network. She has previously written for the Guardian, and the Sunday Times. She spends most of her time offering to do things for money. Not the things you’re thinking of. You can read more of her writing here.

Omar | Writer

Born and raised in Karachi, Omar is a PhD Candidate in the Religion Department at the University of Virginia. Having led an
utterly uninteresting life until he got to a frat house, he locked himself in a library for many years, and is now trying to replenish his low levels of Vitamin D. Though happy to be a Pakistani-American Muslim, he often considers moving to Diego Garcia, but only in order to benefit from the abundant sunlight. His academic interests range from perversity to philosophy, and his confessional commitments stretch from the Virgin Birth to the Mother Earth. He does not plan on voting in the next U.S. presidential elections but will consider selling his vote. Especially if he can use the money to mobilize for the independence of Karachi from Pakistan, Texas from the United States and his soul from the burden of sin.

Husam | Cartoonist | Twitter

Husam is a first-generation Palestinian whose lack-of-an-accent always invokes an intellectual double-take from people who didn’t “get their culture” as Robert Marley suggested they should in “natty dread.” He is a cartoonist who’s mom is from Birzeit, Palestine and whose dad is from Gaza city.

Past Contributors

Andrew, Fayyad, Hanitizer, Kalash, Maytha, Mohammad, Nadeem 2.0Nawal, Jillian, QuiQui, Sarakenos, Chaim Sugarman, Emily, Fadi, Hanaan, Los, Nabeel, Nimr, Programmer Buydatti, Sunbula, Um Mazen, Yaman.

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