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How to Write About Salafis

Here are some tips for you wannabe-published folks out there.

Nobel Prize Winning Arabs

The Yemeni activist Tawakkol Karman has been jointly-awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Kabobfest takes a look at her and the other five Arab Nobel winners.

Egyptians In Solidarity With Tortured Syrian Cartoonist

The Syrian regime’s brutal and targeted beating of dissident political satirist Ali Ferzat in Damascus in August prompted cartoonists around the world to respond with drawings illustrating the pen’s prevailing power over the sword. In Egypt, the cartoonist community has taken their solidarity one step further by compiling their drawings in a traveling exhibit of their collective support.

The Accidental (Revolution) Tourist

A voyage with benign and meager doctoral student ambitions “accidently” transformed into a historic Forrest-Gump-like journey through revolting Arab and European countries during the summer of 2011.

Mubarak’s trial starts in Egypt

The long-awaited trial of Hosni Mubarak has started in Cairo, with the former Egyptian president appearing in court with his sons Alaa and Gamal, and hated former Interior Minister, Habib al-Adly.

Egyptian Pop Music Takes on Israel

Mona Eltahawy, the white man’s favorite Egyptian talking head, famously claimed that the Egyptian revolution was not at all about Israel. Egyptian popular music shows where public opinion is now.

7 Arabs Wary of Palestinians

You can hate the game, but not the player. While the majority of Arabs support the Palestinian cause and want to see it resolved, there are those Arabs who do not have warm feelings toward Palestinians. Despite this, along with the Arabic language, the Palestinian cause unites most people of Arab descent. Nevertheless, there are groups of Arabs that will forever remain wary of Palestinians

My Sexy Egyptian Legs Go To Paris

The song is titled El Helm, “the dream” and that’s just what most boys know Sandy for, the girl of their Egyptian dreams. The girls of Paris–the world’s fashion hub got nothing on Sandy, she is unafraid to show a lot more skin than many are willing to tolerate. She has been doing that non stop in Arabia ever since she emerged three years ago. Sandy might be on a secret mission to bring down the recent French ban on niqab. Her sexy legs campaign might be an effort to give the French government the middle finger by telling them your niqab ban won’t be shutting this Egyptian girl down.

Egypt’s “Lion King”

“When I defeat the lion – which I will – I will pull an Israeli flag out of my pocket, and drape it over the lion, and put my foot on it.”

Frustrated law school student? Spy for Israel!

Personally, the idea that Grapel is a spy is certainly more plausible than the official reason as to why he’s in Egypt: to volunteer for a non-profit organization that benefits African refugees.

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