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Dialogue by the Socratic Method

The latest, arguably boldest, article on the “Jordanian Spring” by Jordanian writer Tojan Faisal

Sourian Nationalism Must Overcome (Part 4/4)

Had Souria been one country, the US invasion of Iraq would have been unfeasible, the Lebanese civil war would have never happened, and Israel could not have survived, and we wouldn’t have Palestinian refugees living all over Souria as unwanted foreigners.

Sourian Nationalism Must Overcome (Part 1/4)

The division between Iraq and Syria, between Syria and Lebanon, between Syria and Palestine, and between Palestine and Jordan, were all imposed to weaken one of the most rebellious people on earth.

FIFA: Control, Women’s Bodies & The Soccer Field

How FIFA earned itself a red card.

7 Arabs Wary of Palestinians

You can hate the game, but not the player. While the majority of Arabs support the Palestinian cause and want to see it resolved, there are those Arabs who do not have warm feelings toward Palestinians. Despite this, along with the Arabic language, the Palestinian cause unites most people of Arab descent. Nevertheless, there are groups of Arabs that will forever remain wary of Palestinians

Arabs Get Creative About Development

A group of young Arab students in Montreal are working on an international development conference for this upcoming fall.

Islamist Iraq

Another case of certified Islam in the making. Whether Islamists are aware of how they are being used is beyond their capacity of contemplation.

NATO in Libya: The Syrian Script

Maybe what is happening in Libya is a check-mate situation. Libyans have no moves to make except the ones they are making.

The People Want to Overthrow the Gender Regime!

Two Transgender passengers from Jordan flying into Cairo caused a “Crisis” last weekend when they attempted to enter the country with their passports which had their birth names and assigned genders written on them. The passport officer said he was startled by a “strikingly beautiful woman” presenting her passport to him which had her name […]

Why Arab Governments Fail to Contain?

The level of oppression and the extreme absence of freedom of expression in the Arab World should not be viewed as a sign of backwardness, but in fact as a sign of strong will and desire to be free.

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