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Arabs Get Creative About Development

A group of young Arab students in Montreal are working on an international development conference for this upcoming fall.

The Brutality of Bahrain

While democracy campaigners have faced vicious crackdowns across the Arab world this year, none have been so thoroughly crushed as the peaceful protesters in Bahrain.

The Real Reason Qatar Won and the US Lost!

The Real reason the Country of Qatar win the right to host World Cup 2022 and the US went home empty handed is summed in those two pictures. From two different events, who is the host with the most?
A whole lamb on each tray of just a burger? If you can do the math, FIFA can too

World Economy Class is in session folks!

Late-night, pre-suhoor web-surfing precocity, engenders some curious findings. Back when my family and I traveled to Syria last month, I was reminded of an observation my mother made about the standard of living in Syria comparatively to the states. It turned out that an extended family member, who worked at a bank in Syria, made less monthly than what a housekeeper who comes by my mother’s residence once a week gets paid. I also remembered hearing that Kuwait has the highest GDP in the world. So I wondered, what is “the gulf” of wealth between the Arab world’s richest and poorest nations. See what you can glean from these numbers and figures:

Qatar’s GDP 2009 estimate:
– Per capita $68,871 (some figures have it at $86,008)
Syria’s GDP 2009 estimate
– Per capita $2,579

A Qatar Above

While the longevity/viability of the Lebanese peace deal has yet to be determined the emergence of Qatar as an emerging global player seems to be more certain. The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting piece on what the tiny country is doing. When you add it up, the list of their activities is quite impressive […]

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