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The Costs of Stripping

Beyond just making it rain.

Be The Fundamental Pizza of a Man

If you’re having girl problems, Jay-Z feels bad for you. In The Black Album, Jay lyrically emphasises that of the 99 problems that trouble him, ‘bitches’ aren’t one of them. Boasting about this is unnecessary – capitalism would go through an existential crisis if the hottest chick in the game wasn’t wear’n’ his chain. However, Jay’s empathy is lost on the Average Jawaad.

Will Sacha Baron Cohen Bring His Muslim Bashing To An End?

Sacha Baron Cohen loves to mock all things Arab and Muslim. All three of his most popular movies have gone out of their way to vilify Arabs and Muslims. Now, as brave men and women in the Arab world courageously and resiliently face down the despots that have beaten and killed them, Baron Cohen portrays a dictator.

On Chafed Oddballs, Siberian Socialites and Missed Opportunities

Although the Speedo brand is relatively unconcerned about the elasticity of their swim briefs, high-testosterone teens are committed to exploring the nature of it.

On Valentine’s Blues, Diddy’s Lies & Effervescent Love

Does sharing a skinny latte with Her supersede getting off with hot chicks in a drunken haze?

11 Arab Dance Party Buzzkills

Those things you just wish weren’t there.


Syrian-American hip hop artist Omar Offendum lyrically delivers Syria to your ears. Enjoy and spread the good word.

7 Types Of Arabic Instructors

Where does your Arabic instructor fall?

The Bigotry of Praise and Recognition at The Oscars

The Academy is 94% white, 77% male and has a median age of 62. Who’s really winning at the end of the night?

Kuwaiti Youth Are Stuffed Goats

A stuffed goat on Youtube explores Kuwaitis’ rapidly expanding conscientiousness. Or something.

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