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Syrian-American hip hop artist Omar Offendum lyrically delivers Syria to your ears. Enjoy and spread the good word.

Celebration of Arab Culture at Lincoln Theatre

Look, aside from the World Cup, we Arabs really only enjoy two other things with equal pleasure: Fashion and Music. Take a look back at the last Arab wedding you’ve been to, remember Uncle Sammy dressed in a plaid powder-blue suit and dancing to Nancy Ajram with the ferocity that makes Mick Jagger look like a white boy at a Zulu coming-of-age ceremony.

Iraqi Pop-Rock Band Set For Virginia Concert

The coolest pop-rock in Arabia will always be UTN1. Ever since the Arab spring started, there has been a surge in band’s popularity. Arab countries like Egypt have so many new bands now, and it has  enriched the field building a new audience tired of being spoon-fed the same,old karaoke pop. Lebanon and Jordan are […]


Any MC who uses “lame ducks” and references the Palestine Papers gets my ringing approval. Bird is rocking it.

Today Was a Good Day – Libya Rebel Remix

If the Libyan rebels get a theme song, it must be Ice Cube’s classic joint.

Arabic Acapella: Making Nancy Ajram Sound Good

Usually I’m not too down with Nancy Ajram, but this guy just makes this song amazing.  His name is Alaa Wardi and here is his Facebook page, to check out the rest of his songs/videos.   [tarboush tip: yazan]

London Bandari

Bandari music is from Southern Iran and probably one of the best genres you can dance to – hands down. And this is coming from someone from the land of Bhangra. This particular song is different than usual bandari, but equally awesome. Watch out for the guy in the mustache. So dreamy.

Arabian Flamenco: Tomatito & Sheikh Al Tuni

We blew your minds with our Qawwali meets Flamenco post not too long ago. And here’s another Flamenco fusion to keep your intercultural desires satiated. This clip is from the 2000 movie Vengo.   [tarboush tip: mahmud]

Shakira Goes to Israel And Hugs a Murderer

Shakira seems to have answered her own question in her earlier song “Dónde Están los Ladrones” -Where Are the Thieves? She visited a place that was founded by ladrones.

My Sexy Egyptian Legs Go To Paris

The song is titled El Helm, “the dream” and that’s just what most boys know Sandy for, the girl of their Egyptian dreams. The girls of Paris–the world’s fashion hub got nothing on Sandy, she is unafraid to show a lot more skin than many are willing to tolerate. She has been doing that non stop in Arabia ever since she emerged three years ago. Sandy might be on a secret mission to bring down the recent French ban on niqab. Her sexy legs campaign might be an effort to give the French government the middle finger by telling them your niqab ban won’t be shutting this Egyptian girl down.

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