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Kuwaiti Youth Are Stuffed Goats

A stuffed goat on Youtube explores Kuwaitis’ rapidly expanding conscientiousness. Or something.

Afghanistan: Touch Down in Flight

Just stop everything you’re doing right now because it’s probably incredibly insignificant to what this short film is about to throw into your optic nerve.

Celebration of Arab Culture at Lincoln Theatre

Look, aside from the World Cup, we Arabs really only enjoy two other things with equal pleasure: Fashion and Music. Take a look back at the last Arab wedding you’ve been to, remember Uncle Sammy dressed in a plaid powder-blue suit and dancing to Nancy Ajram with the ferocity that makes Mick Jagger look like a white boy at a Zulu coming-of-age ceremony.

Egyptians In Solidarity With Tortured Syrian Cartoonist

The Syrian regime’s brutal and targeted beating of dissident political satirist Ali Ferzat in Damascus in August prompted cartoonists around the world to respond with drawings illustrating the pen’s prevailing power over the sword. In Egypt, the cartoonist community has taken their solidarity one step further by compiling their drawings in a traveling exhibit of their collective support.

If I Were a Corporation

My predecessors wrote that the pen is mightier than the sword. Truly, no sword could ever destroy you because you were not created by the sword.

When Walls Speak

I remember the first time I saw the sea.

Into Egypt

Suheir Hammad’s new poem-turned-video is an artistic and highly stylized tribute to Egypt.

Carlos the Jackal in Celluloid

‘Carlos,’ a biopic spanning roughly two decades in the life of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, or Carlos the Jackal, takes on new meaning after OBL’s killing.

The Bedouin Olympics in Pictures

Bedouins are into sports as competitors and spectators. These photos capture Beja tribespeople taking part in camel races, jumping, fighting, soccer and tug-of-war in Egypt’s Valley of Camels.

The Arab Revolution Puppet Show

Two American kids recorded this puppet show to teach American kids and clueless adults — there are many — about the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions.

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