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ADC: Arab American Professionals’ Gateway to DC

When my college advisor told me about the Washington Seminar, I was so excited just thinking about having an internship in Washington DC, where the political sausage is made. Little did I know, my college campus had few internships that I qualified for. It wasn’t likely that I would be offered an internship at one of the many conservative think tanks in the DC area. Besides, what a member of Congress would do with a Palestinian student is beyond me!

7 Types Of Arabic Instructors

Where does your Arabic instructor fall?

If Things Were Opposite (On an Airplane)

What if the bigotry was flipped?

America’s Most Lethal Navy SEAL Sniper

I want to feel sorry for him for not being able to see how he was contradicting himself in saying that the people he killed were “savage”, while also maintaining that he had to portray them as savage, and that he had “to get in the mentality and…not think of them as human beings.”

Don’t Ignore Ron Paul

Ron Paul stands in a unique position amongst fellow Republicans as well as amongst general Progressives. This has, unsurprisingly, made him perhaps the most polarizing contemporary political figure in American politics as well perhaps the most misunderstood. How can we understand him?

The Myth-Making of The Iraq War’s ‘End’

While reading the transcript of Obama’s speech at Fort Bragg, meant to signal the end of the Iraq War, three words dominated my mind as I sought to find adjectives that best described the speech – “lies,” and “more lies.”

Arab Americans & 9/11 tenth Anniversary

How will Arab Americans commemorate the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks?

Colbert Smashes US Media Norway “Coverage”

Stephen Colbert’s Monday night show featured a sharp takedown of US media that rushed to point fingers at Al-Qaeda after the devastating attack in Norway, and then played defense even after they were proved wrong.

The Bodies of Permanent War

Masculine bodies in the war on terror.

KABOBexclusive: Osama Bin Laden Pic Revealed

Recent reports of bin Laden hanging around in his underwear and with a young wife at the time of his killing confirm the authenticity of the photo.

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