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White, Black American groups ‘swap’ summer interns

A former peacemaker and a black man from Chicago’s Southwest Side are seeing gentrification and social stratification in a whole new way this summer

ADC: Arab American Professionals’ Gateway to DC

When my college advisor told me about the Washington Seminar, I was so excited just thinking about having an internship in Washington DC, where the political sausage is made. Little did I know, my college campus had few internships that I qualified for. It wasn’t likely that I would be offered an internship at one of the many conservative think tanks in the DC area. Besides, what a member of Congress would do with a Palestinian student is beyond me!

Merah is a Product of France, Not Islam

France’s Muslim minority are the whipping boys in the election campaign, a sign of the deeper issues within the society. Mohamed Merah’s killing spree is merely another product of this.

Make Bradford British: Entertainment Not Exposition

A UK show with a promising idea just plays on and perpetuates racial stereotypes.

WikiLeaks, Stratfor and Fisher’s Joke

Max Fisher, an associated editor at The Atlantic recently wrote a piece called: “Stratfor Is a Joke and So Is WikiLeaks for Taking It Seriously.” In this brilliant article by its equally brilliant author, Fisher argues that the release of around five million private emails by the infamous pro-transparency organization is snooze-worthy because Stratfor isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. […]

America’s Most Lethal Navy SEAL Sniper

I want to feel sorry for him for not being able to see how he was contradicting himself in saying that the people he killed were “savage”, while also maintaining that he had to portray them as savage, and that he had “to get in the mentality and…not think of them as human beings.”

Post-Revolution Egypt Needs Orientalist Perverts

Or maybe it doesn’t. Or maybe it does. Perhaps, it doesn’t.

Celebration of Arab Culture at Lincoln Theatre

Look, aside from the World Cup, we Arabs really only enjoy two other things with equal pleasure: Fashion and Music. Take a look back at the last Arab wedding you’ve been to, remember Uncle Sammy dressed in a plaid powder-blue suit and dancing to Nancy Ajram with the ferocity that makes Mick Jagger look like a white boy at a Zulu coming-of-age ceremony.

USPCN responds to PA statehood bid

Any diplomatic initiatives, including the initiative at the United Nations this September, must preserve the status of the PLO as the sole representative of the Palestinian people at the United Nations and protect and advance our inalienable rights. The current Statehood initiative does neither, and is therefore an unacceptable threat to the Palestinian national movement.

How Saudi Arabia Killed the Arab Spring

Saudi Arabia squashed the “Arab Spring” when it sent its military to quell the popular uprising in neighboring Bahrain earlier this year.

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