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Make Bradford British: Entertainment Not Exposition

A UK show with a promising idea just plays on and perpetuates racial stereotypes.

How to Write About Salafis

Here are some tips for you wannabe-published folks out there.

Al Jazeera’s Muslims of France

A brief survey of Al Jazeera English’s ‘Muslims of France.’

Mocking the Prophet, Mocking his Followers?

The editor of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo spoke out immediately after the petrol-bombing of the offices of his offices on Wednesday to accuse those responsible of being ‘idiots who betray their own religion’ and ‘radical stupid people who don’t know what Islam is’. Stephane Charbonnier comes across as defensive of Islam, voicing the same sentiment expressed by most of us ‘moderates’ whenever extremist attacks splash themselves across the news.

How Whole Foods Stole Ramadan

Whole Foods’ actions puts the crazies in the driver’s seat. Such a hateful bunch won’t live long. Their hatred will damage their mental and physical wellness and none of the fine Whole Foods’ goods will help extend their lives.

Sourian Nationalism Must Overcome (Part 4/4)

Had Souria been one country, the US invasion of Iraq would have been unfeasible, the Lebanese civil war would have never happened, and Israel could not have survived, and we wouldn’t have Palestinian refugees living all over Souria as unwanted foreigners.

Sourian Nationalism Must Overcome (Part 3/4)

When the Egyptian protesters yelled “tahya Masr,” the Christians turned themselves into human shields to protect their Muslim brothers and sisters while they prostrated in their prayers.

Sourian Nationalism Must Overcome (Part 2/4)

The extent of treason by infiltrators and informers (some enticed with money, others tortured into cooperation), for those who dare read into the historical record, was so enormous and grotesque; a catastrophe of a magnitude only equal to its Orwellian necessity to destroy, once and for all, the nationalist aspirations of all Sourians.

Sourian Nationalism Must Overcome (Part 1/4)

The division between Iraq and Syria, between Syria and Lebanon, between Syria and Palestine, and between Palestine and Jordan, were all imposed to weaken one of the most rebellious people on earth.

VIDEO: Woman Arrested for Wearing Niqab

The above is a video taken on July 31st. The video shows, at first from a distance, a sort of commotion taking place across the street. As it continues and as the person with the cameraphone approaches, it becomes clear that around 3-4 French police officers are fighting with a woman wearing the niqab, a […]

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