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Sexy Redhead Leads Yemeni Opposition

Abdul Rahman Bafadil is a Yemeni opposition leader, sexy redhead and member of the country’s parliament.

Ray Hanania Not to Appear on Dancing With the Stars

Though Ray Hanania has been working his socks off in preparation for his Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) debut, his dream of prancing around on stage in front of millions of viewers was crushed this morning when he received

Gaddafi Speech Recap

Muammar Gadaffi gave an eloquent speech today – addressing the Libyan people “loving” him in the streets. The following is a recap for those who didn’t have three free hours to watch.

What Irks Us About Ray Hanania

If you really want to hear the one reason to tune him out, this post explains it. This past weekend, Hanania showed his particular mix of anti-Arab self-loathing and belief in Jewish supremacy with this enlightening Facebook status update from the J Street Conference: read

Christiane Amanpour: The Dictator’s Pet

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always hated Christiane Amanpour. For those living under a rock, she served as CNN’s Chief Foreign Correspondent for 27 years before transferring to ABC’s “This Week.” WARNING: Amanpour is the quintessential journalist-celebrity whose skin-deep reporting is almost fraudulent.

Her recent, grossly opportunistic dictator-stroking in the Arab world is a reminder of how far American TV journalism has fallen. read

Ray Hanania Doesn’t Know Jack

Note: the following is taken word-for-word from an Ikhras.com blog posting titled “Ray Hanania: An Astute Political Analyst.” It’s just too funny to not repost…

Fadi Elsalameen Makes Cameo in Transformers 3

In an unexpected twist to the third installment of the popular Transformers series, Palestinian socialite Fadi Elsalameen will make a cameo appearance.

Peter King’s Display

Rep. King poses a threat not only to Americas’ Muslims, but to our national security. He ignored an appeal letter from 51 community based organizations, by stating publicly ,” it not worthy of his response.” He was elected to office and supported by American tax-payers like you and I. This man should be challenged and exposed.

And The Shithead Award Goes to…..Adel Imam

I do not think there is anyone fooled by this lame attempted to try to reinvent Adel Imam history who now says he has always been in support of the protesters which he wasn’t and never was.

Random Observations from the West Bank

I’m currently nearing the end of a short trip to the West Bank to visit family. While here, I’ve noticed some pretty disturbing and amusing things around me. These are all totally trivial but I thought I’d share nonetheless.

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