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11 Arab Dance Party Buzzkills

Those things you just wish weren’t there.

7 Types Of Arabic Instructors

Where does your Arabic instructor fall?

10 Things to Help Muslims Survive Christmas

Be happy you’re not stuck in the mall. Looking for a parking spot is a lot harder than finding a spot to place your shoes at the Friday prayer service.

18 Signs of Arabic Weddings

Everyone asking for free professional advice. If you are a lawyer, then other guests ask you about immigration. “Doctor, can I show you my rash?” Dentist? They’ll all show you their cavities. Gynecologist? The bathroom is that way. Just make sure the hedges are trimmed

How To Humiliate Arab Parents

This list is a how-to guide for humiliating your Arab parents if that is something you seriously want to do. Or see it as a list of what not to do in order to stay in the green zone.

7 Arabs Wary of Palestinians

You can hate the game, but not the player. While the majority of Arabs support the Palestinian cause and want to see it resolved, there are those Arabs who do not have warm feelings toward Palestinians. Despite this, along with the Arabic language, the Palestinian cause unites most people of Arab descent. Nevertheless, there are groups of Arabs that will forever remain wary of Palestinians

6 Types of Arab Mothers in Law

Mama becomes the standard for spoiled Arab boys who grow up, and Arab mothers tend to never think the wife is as good as she was — a formula for nasty family spats.

12 Steps to Survive an Arab Breakup

Enlist in the US Army, hope for a US invasion of her home country, then bomb the hell out of her home. Seduce her/his lesser attractive PhD holding sister/brother.

The Arab Dictator Stay-Hot List

To be an Arab tyrant these days is not easy. Watching protests calling for their removal can be hurtful to one’s feelings and sense of stability. Don’t fret, here’s what you can do to stay hot.

Egypt Cleansed of Mubarak’s Name

An Egyptian court has ordered Mubarak’s names removed from hundreds of public facilities. KABOBfest uncovered a surprising list of things bearing the Mubarak name.

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