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Arab Americans & 9/11 tenth Anniversary

How will Arab Americans commemorate the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks?

Where’s Gaddafi?

You can help Libya’s rebels find the great Brother-Leader!

KABOBexclusive: Osama Bin Laden Pic Revealed

Recent reports of bin Laden hanging around in his underwear and with a young wife at the time of his killing confirm the authenticity of the photo.

Isley Brothers Play Benefit Concert in Libya

The Isley Brothers played a sold-out benefit concert in Benghazi today, encouraging oppressed Libyans to throw their hands up and shout.

Bill To Change Palestine Flag Passes

President Abbas told me he likes Nike” I am all about “Just Do it” attitude , plus I am always running and we all know American runs on Dunkin and so can Palestine. said the PA president according to Mr. Kawasmi.

The Muppet – Arab Leader Connection

Ever notice the striking resemblance between Muppets and Arab world leaders? Do you think Jim Henson was trying to tell us something about Arab regimes and who’s really pulling their strings? It puts a whole new spin on Sesame Street, doesn’t it?                           […]

Yemeni Protesters: Better Coffee!

  In a breaking news item featured on the home page of Saba Net, Yemen’s official state news agency, Ambassador to Britain Abdullah al Radhi announced that Yemen will meet its people’s demands by improving the quality of its coffee beans, while at the same time increasing exports. (Seriously, that was “breaking news”)

Palestinian Magician Pulls off Disappearing Act

Palestinian engineer Dirar Abu Sisi is making headlines the world over for pulling off a stunt that even American illusionist David Blaine is calling “mind boggling.” Abu Sisi, who moonlights as a Gazan magician named “Bandar the Magnificent,” disappeared in the Ukraine last month only to reappear in an Israeli prison 30 days later. From capital […]


Is Qaddafi going for a Tony Montana-like ending?

Syria to Lift Emergen-C Law

After 48 years of sippin’ that sweet juice, Bashar al-Assad’s government announced that it will soon take its final sip of Emergen-C. Mmmm yum! Fear and panic have spread throughout the country. One of the leading remedies for the common cold and hangovers will no longer be required by the government for daily consumption. Anti-Emergen-C […]

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