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ADC: Arab American Professionals’ Gateway to DC

When my college advisor told me about the Washington Seminar, I was so excited just thinking about having an internship in Washington DC, where the political sausage is made. Little did I know, my college campus had few internships that I qualified for. It wasn’t likely that I would be offered an internship at one of the many conservative think tanks in the DC area. Besides, what a member of Congress would do with a Palestinian student is beyond me!

18 Signs of Arabic Weddings

Everyone asking for free professional advice. If you are a lawyer, then other guests ask you about immigration. “Doctor, can I show you my rash?” Dentist? They’ll all show you their cavities. Gynecologist? The bathroom is that way. Just make sure the hedges are trimmed

Celebration of Arab Culture at Lincoln Theatre

Look, aside from the World Cup, we Arabs really only enjoy two other things with equal pleasure: Fashion and Music. Take a look back at the last Arab wedding you’ve been to, remember Uncle Sammy dressed in a plaid powder-blue suit and dancing to Nancy Ajram with the ferocity that makes Mick Jagger look like a white boy at a Zulu coming-of-age ceremony.

Boycott ADC Until Regime Change

ADC’s leadership is as corrupt and autocratic as your run of the mill Arab regime; with the significance as a governing body that rivals the government of Djibouti, and a record of accomplishments that falls short of Qaddafi’s.

Hanania the Schmuck

Each one of us plays their role in history.

ADC! Where is the Belly Dancer?

On the stage, speakers discussed Palestine and Iraq. And then suddenly, in the middle of a touching speech, a strong voice, in Arabic, shouted: “Enough already! Where is the belly dancer?”

Confronting the Needless Hostility Within

The last thing the Arab American community needs is its own version of mindless, angry divisiveness and McCarthyite stridency.

8 Arabs Who Can’t Find a Mate

You always wanted to know why that Arab wasn’t married but were afraid to ask. We have the answer in list form, as usual.

The Perfect Seven: Arab Men Your Mom Wants You to Marry

There are 7, well more like 6.5, Arab men types that your mom fawns over. This useful guide should help you and your mom develop a short-list of potential mates. We personally like the annoying blogger-type, but that did not make the cut. read.

Arab-American Comedy, Dearborn-Style

You may recognize these guys — Arab Detroit’s leading comics — from various MTV spliffs, vlogs and other YouTube videos. If not, get to know them.

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