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The Indie Music Revolution in Egypt

Taking on serious issues in Egypt was never popular with the elite in power. There is also one more reason indie bands are having the time of their lives in post Mubarak Egypt. Such bands can take risks, they do not have to worry about sales as much as singers of the like loser Tamer Hosny.

Odd Things Arab Tourists Photograph

Arab tourists are less annoying than other tourists because they’re my people. But they take photos of some weird stuff, man.

What a body, oh Lion!

Some excellent advice on how to get an Arab girl. Truly, nothing gets a girl squirming quite like being told that she is so delicious that a man does not require salt to eat her. As an assad would say – rawr.

15 Symptoms of Arabitis*

[*inflammation of one’s Arabness]

1. Severe allergic reactions, such as wheezing, rashes, vomiting and headaches, to Fox News and/or Glenn Beck

2. A hoarse and sore throat, either from demonstrations, cigs or Cairo’s pollution

The Perfect Seven: Arab Men Your Mom Wants You to Marry

There are 7, well more like 6.5, Arab men types that your mom fawns over. This useful guide should help you and your mom develop a short-list of potential mates. We personally like the annoying blogger-type, but that did not make the cut. read.

MLK Jr & the Montgomery Bus Boycott: “The Montgomery Story”

a 50 year-old (released in 1958) throwback gets an arabee makeover (by way of the American Islamic Congress):

Revolutionary Arabic Entertainment News

This is a roundup of the latest news of Arabic entertainment, songs for country, and other updates from the world of Arabic entertainment that seems to be reacting to the new changes on the ground and new realities.

Shocking! Yehya Saade Passes Away

Yehya Saade, the creative and sometimes controversial music video director might have just passed away in Turkey as a result of an accident with electricity on the set of Lebanese socialite Maya Diab first music video. The young director has dozens of music videos under his belt as he collaborated with a number of leading Arab female singers, who mostly loved his work. Lately he has been caught in public feuds with Egyptian songstress Somya Alkhashab. Maya Diab who learned of his tragic death has a breakdown.

Get an Arab Guy in 9 Steps

Ladies, there is plenty of time to do what you want to do and have it your way, but that’s once you are married when you can show your teeth and say it as it’s. But before then in the courtship period, her are few steps to help you navigate the mind of your man…safely.

MSAS: Arabic Cultural Language Trivia

Upon my trip to Syria this past summer, I was disheartened to discover that this legume was no regular fis-toe; that it in fact had a special name. Can you guess what that name was and the story of the historical origins of that name? And even better, can you suggest a replacement for that name!

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