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Mubarak’s trial starts in Egypt

The long-awaited trial of Hosni Mubarak has started in Cairo, with the former Egyptian president appearing in court with his sons Alaa and Gamal, and hated former Interior Minister, Habib al-Adly.

Egyptian Pop Music Takes on Israel

Mona Eltahawy, the white man’s favorite Egyptian talking head, famously claimed that the Egyptian revolution was not at all about Israel. Egyptian popular music shows where public opinion is now.

7 Arabs Wary of Palestinians

You can hate the game, but not the player. While the majority of Arabs support the Palestinian cause and want to see it resolved, there are those Arabs who do not have warm feelings toward Palestinians. Despite this, along with the Arabic language, the Palestinian cause unites most people of Arab descent. Nevertheless, there are groups of Arabs that will forever remain wary of Palestinians

Remembering Khaled Saeed

A letter to Khaled Saeed on the anniversary of his murder.

The Indie Music Revolution in Egypt

Taking on serious issues in Egypt was never popular with the elite in power. There is also one more reason indie bands are having the time of their lives in post Mubarak Egypt. Such bands can take risks, they do not have to worry about sales as much as singers of the like loser Tamer Hosny.

Photos: Protesting the Israeli Embassy

The Israeli Embassy in Giza, Cairo, has recently become a hotspot of demonstrations by Egyptian youth. Mubarak had banned it.

The Bedouin Olympics in Pictures

Bedouins are into sports as competitors and spectators. These photos capture Beja tribespeople taking part in camel races, jumping, fighting, soccer and tug-of-war in Egypt’s Valley of Camels.

Egypt Cleansed of Mubarak’s Name

An Egyptian court has ordered Mubarak’s names removed from hundreds of public facilities. KABOBfest uncovered a surprising list of things bearing the Mubarak name.

Why Arab Governments Fail to Contain?

The level of oppression and the extreme absence of freedom of expression in the Arab World should not be viewed as a sign of backwardness, but in fact as a sign of strong will and desire to be free.

Bahrain Tears Down Pearl Statue

The most symbolic of this twisted sentiment is the destruction of the Pearl Statue in the main square of Manama, where the Bahraini protesters have gathered for weeks. The Pearl symbolized Bahrain’s previous fortune and the main driver of its economy prior to petroleum, pearl harvesting is among the most iconic of the Bahraini heritage.

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