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Fuzzy Math: Israel’s Dead Soldiers Numbers Don’t Add Up

This coffin apparently also contained the 120 other fallen soldiers. Israel’s deranged war on Gaza earlier this year was one of the most painful episodes in recent Palestinian history, in which one of the world’s most advanced armies devastated the towns and refugee camps they had caused decades earlier with the most brutal weaponry. Although […]

Support for Fatah on the Decline

For the Independent, Alex Cockburn reports that Fatah appears to have suffered a sharp decline in support in the occupied territories. This should come as no surprise as Fatah has had few successes – if any – during their decades-long reign over the Palestinian national movement. In recent times, Fatah has produced a string of […]

Liveblogging the D.C. protest for Gaza

KABOBon-the-ground operatives Will and Fadi are at the protest, sending over updates. Chaim “Hussein” Sugarman has the day off. 1:53 PM – WILL: Lafayette square is too packed. Just about everyone’s on Arab time. (Fadi’s not there yet.) 2:12 PM – FADI: (who just got there): Idiots carrying hizballah flag and Israel swastika flag. Tried […]

Spitfire-side Chats: “our women don’t cry”

Jillian: An Israeli woman on Al Jazeera (English) discussing why Israel is losing sympathy worldwide just said “Our women don’t cry and scream like Arab women.” Yeah, THAT’S why.Chaim: SHALOM! this is a liar because my mother cry once when she catch me. Mohammad: sometimes i feel this is all a game to israelis Fadi: […]

The “Arab Culture” and the Shoe: Let’s Put on our Orientalist Anthropological Musing Caps On Shall We?

The official play-by-playBush: “Shukran Jazeera” (hehehe)First Shoe: “This is a kiss goodbye, you son of a dog (Ibn kalb)” Second Shoe: “this is for the widows, the orphans, and all those killed in Iraq.” Not only did those comments and the conjoined hurling of shoes spark what would later be known as “shoe-gate,” but it […]

The Truth Crusader

It is a poorly kept secret that Fadi is a crusader for exposing the crimes, fraud, and manipulations of Israelis and their sympathizers who he believes are damaging the US and its social and cultural fabric. On his latest mission, Fadi went above and beyond the call of duty, and once again, he took one […]

Guest Post: Verdict Against Holy Land Charity Could Have a Chilling Effect on the Muslim Community

By Laila Al-Arian, AlterNetpublished at: http://www.alternet.org/story/108740/ On Monday afternoon, a jury in Dallas, Texas found five Palestinian men guilty of more than 100 charges in the nation’s largest terrorism financing trial since 9/11. But was this case about prosecuting terrorism, or the Bush administration’s “war on terror?” Prosecutors never argued that the charity, the Holy […]

Mass Layoffs Friday at ADC

The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is the largest grassroots Arab-American civil rights organization in the country — and it’s in crisis. Since the brilliant leadership of Hala Maksoud, the grassroots, advocacy nature of the organization deteriorated. This began with the failed presidency of Ziad Asali, which I witnessed firsthand as an intern in 2002. […]

Breaking KABOBnews: All Palestinians are PLO Spokespeople

Is any comment necessary for this pathetic campaign? I am considering leaving this country for a few months every 4 years around election time. In my lifetime, I do not believe that there has ever been such a prominent and pervasive propagation of this stigma of being Arab, Muslim, or Palestinian as in this election.

Incompetence in the face of oppression

Quiqui: I heard something in class the other day, and I almost fell out of my seat. The PLO didn’t have maps throughout the Oslo process. Is this true?! Whoa. I’m wondering if, then, I can get some guidance on reading material. I’ve never run across this before, but I don’t doubt the prof is […]

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