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Palestinian and Israeli Prime Ministers Discuss Peace

Nabil Hanna takes a look at ‘peace talks’ ..or something.

How Saudi Arabia Killed the Arab Spring

Saudi Arabia squashed the “Arab Spring” when it sent its military to quell the popular uprising in neighboring Bahrain earlier this year.

Is Libya A Lost Cause?

Accepting western intervention in Libya under the guise of ‘help’ or ‘preventing bloodshed’ was a grave mistake by the Libyan rebels and their supporters across the Arab world. At that moment, Libya’s prospects turned bleak.

Boycott ADC Until Regime Change

ADC’s leadership is as corrupt and autocratic as your run of the mill Arab regime; with the significance as a governing body that rivals the government of Djibouti, and a record of accomplishments that falls short of Qaddafi’s.

Syrian Protesters Apologize to UK Royals

Leaders of the Syrian uprising sent a letter to Buckingham Palace today apologizing for distracting world attention from the Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton

Good Assad, Bad Assad

Two Assads square off to claim the name, and the legacy associated with it. Weapons of choice are AK-47 and guitar.

Egypt Cleansed of Mubarak’s Name

An Egyptian court has ordered Mubarak’s names removed from hundreds of public facilities. KABOBfest uncovered a surprising list of things bearing the Mubarak name.

Al Jazeera Drops the Ball on Syria?

Those following news of Egypt’s uprising had Al Jazeera’s logo burned into their retina, but the network’s coverage of Syria is slimmer.

Fayyad’s Fatwa Bans Bacon-Scented Fragrance

It is not for the fact that swine is haram according to our religion, rather, it is because the fragrance will promote homosexuality with men lusting after bacon-smelling men.

Bahrain Tears Down Pearl Statue

The most symbolic of this twisted sentiment is the destruction of the Pearl Statue in the main square of Manama, where the Bahraini protesters have gathered for weeks. The Pearl symbolized Bahrain’s previous fortune and the main driver of its economy prior to petroleum, pearl harvesting is among the most iconic of the Bahraini heritage.

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