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Gaza Faces Severe Botox Shortage

Dr. Mansour Mostafa, Gaza’s top plastic surgeon, “If you think about it, it makes perfect sense,” “Israel’s siege is making people age quicker, and with that comes more wrinkles.“ According to several other surgeons interviewed for this this report, Gaza is becoming increasingly more vain and has turned into a chic urban center where pop stars are the trend setters.

Huwaida Arraf Discusses the Freedom Flotilla

Huwaida Arraf is a Palestinian-American lawyer who helped organize the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza, which is aimed at challenging the Israeli embargo on the Strip.

Israel’s Doublespeak

Israel’s recent bombing of Gaza is its latest attempt to convince the world of its “victimhood.”

Soccer Field Massacre in Gaza

It started this Tuesday, March 22nd, with Israeli tanks firing seven shells at a playground in Gaza city, killing a grandfather and his three grandchildren who were playing soccer. Also, another ten children suffered serious injuries.

The Challenge of Feeding a Family in Gaza

Most days, Randa sends her son to school without breakfast and relies on the fortified snacks offered in the Milk for Preschoolers program run by ANERA, “At least I know my son Mohammed can get milk and biscuits every day.

With Death From Gaza

When you do not distinguish between combatants and unarmed civilians during war, then you deserve to be named a “terrorist.” It makes no difference what your religion is! Yes, even if you are Jewish!

Stalking the Internet in Gaza

Few months ago I read a statistics that 70 percent of Palestinian Gaza homes own a computer. Now I have seen many computers in Gaza, while there are few top-notch devices that expats bring in with them as they come to visit their families. I know I left my 3 year old Sony laptop to my younger brother so that he can put it to better use. The majority of Garza’s computers are really old and infested with viruses and an assortment of cookies enough to turn the cookie monster into a Godzilla. The majority of the laptops in Gaza are made in China (that way they are like the rest of of the world) smuggled from the tunnels and sold for a premium. ASUS is the most smuggled laptop and screens into the Gaza market, I guess that’s what they like in Egypt too.

Hamas’ Record on Women, a Mixed Bag

When it comes to women rights, Hamas in Gaza continues to pass and enforce laws and regulations that are baffling to say the least. I have been watching their actions on women related matters and most of the time I am surprised by how much time to dedicate to making the life for women a bit more difficult. But then when I went to Gaza and saw how things are, I started to see Hamas’s record as a mixed bag. While the majority of Hamas figures see the home and family are the only place for a women. Many Hamas supporters also engage in polygamy (but her husband is a Shaheed). Granted there are things I see as a downside, some might seem them as an upside. For example, in their rallies, Hamas likes to enlist the help of women by promising them to get food stamps for showing up to their rallies. Here is a list of observations on Hamas’ record on women as the Hamas government continues to make waves.

What’s Your Best Caption?

This is a picture was taken in Gaza in an event for school children summer camp by the UNRWA and a local organization. From the picture, something tells me the Gaza children attending these summer activities got more than what they bargained for.

Half-Baked Palestinian Leadership Fries the Palestinians

Ever since Hamas won the 2006 election, the Palestinians have witnessed one of the greatest political divisions in their modern history. Upon my visit to Gaza a year ago, I have heard of many stories and countless accounts of divisions among Palestinians. While most of these divisions and political differences enrich the debate in the Palestinian society, those divisions can also undermine the cause. Throughout the conflict many Palestinian homes had siblings who supported different political factions without breaking up the family. But now things look different. Two recent events raise alarm;

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