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Things I learned from watching Arab TV

Despite the challenges (ha), I still managed to enjoy some quality television time. We don’t have TV at home, so it was a brave new world of shows and commercials for me. The best Arab channels are MBC 2 and MBC 4. I watched Emma (the 1996 version) on MBC 2 one of the nights I was at the hotel, along with bits and pieces of other movies and shows. It’s been a while since I’ve watched Arab TV for any length of time, and I found myself learning some things.

Gaza Today Dot Com

We have recently launched “GazaToday.com”, an unofficial visitors guide for Gaza, Palestine. Our aim is to provide useful up-to-date information about Gaza to locals and foreign visitors alike through an online directory that includes all types of information that visitors need when planning a visit to Gaza: Accommodation/hotels, restaurants, cultural centers, service providers, events, in addition to other information. The website also features maps, articles, and photo galleries that will help visitors form a better picture about the city.

Soccer Field Massacre in Gaza

It started this Tuesday, March 22nd, with Israeli tanks firing seven shells at a playground in Gaza city, killing a grandfather and his three grandchildren who were playing soccer. Also, another ten children suffered serious injuries.

Peter King, I’m not With You!

First of all, I do not support or stand by you. You are conducting a Kangaroo Court hearing against Muslims like me in America. Your hearing is nothing more than a witch hunt against our fellow Muslim American citizens.

Say No To Peter King!

US Rep. Peter King, owes the rise in his political career, to his own support for a foreign terrorist group. He accuses Muslims in America of supporting terrorism, of not being loyal or patriotic citizens, and implied in a recent interview, that Muslims are not true Americans.

Fadi Elsalameen Makes Cameo in Transformers 3

In an unexpected twist to the third installment of the popular Transformers series, Palestinian socialite Fadi Elsalameen will make a cameo appearance.

End of Mubarak? Not if Israel can help it.

Former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s infamous Camp David Peace Treaty with Israel, memorialized by a March 1979 handshake on the White House Lawn, was a turning point in Arab-Israeli relations. The first Arab country to entertain a unilateral peace treaty with Israel, Egypt all but abandoned the Palestinians, and proved that Arab nationalism was nothing but a memory.

Guest Post: “Rep. King, Ignoramus or Liar? This Is My America Too”

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph January 28, 2011 The newly elected House Chairman of Homeland Security Committee , Peter king [R-N.Y.] is on a crusade. This law maker is fixated on Muslims in America, like a drug addict hooked on drugs. He will go through pain to defame, smear and insult Muslims in our country. First thing […]

Business as Usual: The Palestinian Authority and the ‘Palestine Papers’

On Sunday night al-Jazeera began their coverage and analysis of the first batch of some 1,600 documents now being referred to as the ‘Palestine Papers’. The documents certainly shed light on a long-dead peace process and will, without a doubt, further erode the legitimacy of the Palestinian Authority. To many optimists it may appear that the very timing of their release, just as much as their content, which may lead to their having an impact, for it is within the larger international context of Wikileaks, the overthrow of Ben Ali in Tunisia, unprecedented protests in Egypt, and political strife in Lebanon that may make the Palestine Papers the catalyst for the necessary regime change in the Occupied Territories.

The Challenge of Feeding a Family in Gaza

Most days, Randa sends her son to school without breakfast and relies on the fortified snacks offered in the Milk for Preschoolers program run by ANERA, “At least I know my son Mohammed can get milk and biscuits every day.

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