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Gaza Today Dot Com

We have recently launched “GazaToday.com”, an unofficial visitors guide for Gaza, Palestine. Our aim is to provide useful up-to-date information about Gaza to locals and foreign visitors alike through an online directory that includes all types of information that visitors need when planning a visit to Gaza: Accommodation/hotels, restaurants, cultural centers, service providers, events, in addition to other information. The website also features maps, articles, and photo galleries that will help visitors form a better picture about the city.

Arabic New York

Beyond being struck by the random tornado of Arabic words spiraling around street corners where vendors sell their kabob and falafel sandwiches or inside liquor stores in Harlem where Yemenis shout orders from behind glass protected counters to their indentured brethren, the presence of Arabic language and culture in the heart of al-tufahe al-kabirah shows […]

Columbus Marches for Gaza

Tarboush Tip: Daniel

Palestinian Holocaust Museum

IslamOnline.net’s Palestinian Holocaust Museum features online exhibits of the many Palestinian children killed, along with their names, photographs, their ages, causes of death, their favorite hobbies and dreams. They are now updating it to include the children killed in the current Gaza massacres. Please visit. Name of martyr: Dena Ba’loshaAge: 4 years oldDate of Death: […]

Images from the Gaza protest at the State Department and White House

At least 2,000 protesters (organizers say 5,000 and police say 2,500) in DC this evening marched from the State Department to the White House and back. See the Russia Today story on the DC protest. [Tarboush tip: Will and Fadi]

Latuff: The pathetic end of the Bush Era

Related: “A New Arab Hero Emerges“

Speaking of war criminals

Colin Powell is getting ready to endorse Barack Obama! Along with Madeline Albright and the Clintons, Colin Powell will now become the proud owner of one of his own special niche Obama buttons. But before making any formal announcement, he wants to make sure after tonight’s final debate, just in case. The Huffington Post is […]

Idiots for Obama, get your campaign buttons

Early Successes In Fayyad’s Anti-Spell Checking Campaign

[Tarboush Tip: Sexy Beast]

The most underreported story in the Iran photoshop fiasco

With everyone paying attention to the extra missle photoshopped on this already terrible, terrible image, it seems that no one’s noticed the little guy standing to the left. WTF is he doing? Thanks to KABOBoperative, Chaim “Hussein” Sugarman for spotting this one.

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