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Iraqi Pop-Rock Band Set For Virginia Concert

The coolest pop-rock in Arabia will always be UTN1. Ever since the Arab spring started, there has been a surge in band’s popularity. Arab countries like Egypt have so many new bands now, and it has  enriched the field building a new audience tired of being spoon-fed the same,old karaoke pop. Lebanon and Jordan are […]

Islamist Iraq

Another case of certified Islam in the making. Whether Islamists are aware of how they are being used is beyond their capacity of contemplation.

The Arab Dictator Stay-Hot List

To be an Arab tyrant these days is not easy. Watching protests calling for their removal can be hurtful to one’s feelings and sense of stability. Don’t fret, here’s what you can do to stay hot.

The Song I Never Saw Coming

Yara, the Lebanese singer known for her mellow voice and Goddess like behavior and charm, she can do no wrong. She is huge in the Gulf, and everywhere in Arabia, Lebanon loves her, Egypt adores her, the Maghrib sheds tears in her concert, so she needs nothing form this song, she did it for Gaza,

Wikileaks: U.S. Actively Ignored Iraqi Torture

This Al Jazeera English report summarizes some of the conclusions that can be made from the latest Wikileaks document dump. They show extensive torture by the Iraqi government and American complicity. Most telling is the gap between the government’s public statements about Iraqi torture not happening and what they actually knew.

End of War in Iraq or Rebranding of Occupation? Neither.

By Raed Jarrar

Last week, the last U.S. “combat convoy” left Iraq. By the end of this month, the remaining “combat forces” will leave the country, putting the Obama administration on track to reduce the U.S. troop level to 50,000 by August 31.

The U.S. media coverage of this month’s withdrawal has been very confusing and inaccurate. It ranges from mainstream media outlets claiming that this is the end of the Iraq war, to leftist media accusing the Obama administration of pulling a trick to re-brand the occupation. This withdrawal deadline is neither. read

Iraq Before and After

“TruthSearch” is a short film by Hena Ashraf.

In only ten minutes, it shows two divergent time-places that share the same place on the map, but are completely different representations or constructs. In between Iraq 2003 and Iraq 2008 is a grueling American occupation, and by the latter we hear an Iraqi narrative from a journalist who shatters the rich, refined and utterly baseless claims of the war’s powerful proponents — sadly, it came 5 years too late.

ToNe Asks, Want To Be A Rapper?

A new Iraqi rapper all the way from Detroit comes this new upbeat rapper to entertain you. Iraqi Born, Detroit Rapper ToNe Releases“ Want To Be A Rapper” Music Video! Iraqi Born Detroit raised rapper ToNe has just released the music video to the song “Want To Be A Rapper” the song tells of all […]

Barack Obama’s BBQ

More often than once in awhile, College Humour will produce something of pure comedic genius. Aside from the brilliance of the Jake and Amir shorts, the site produces great analogies ranging from…

Whither, American journalism: CNN vs. Al-Jazeera

Yesterday, WikiLeaks leaked a video exposing a US government cover-up of the killing of 2 Reuters cameramen in Iraq in 2007. Juan Cole writes that an attack, also captured in the video, on people trying to help the wounded may constitute a war crime.

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