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Tunisia, the Lonely Domino

The dominoes have started to fall…. but not in the way that many had hoped.

While a number of individuals have made the tragic decision to follow in Mohammad Bouazizi’s footsteps, their compatriots have largely failed to follow through and make their voices heard. Meanwhile the revolution rumbles on in Tunisia.

Dennis Ross Gets Promotion

He is now Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for the Central Region (i.e. Pakistan to Morocco, and everything in between). What a shame.

If anyone actually believes that Dennis Ross can have a positive impact on US foreign policy, I’d be curious to hear why

Iranians Stay Strong

Despite the promised crackdown by government forces, thousands of Iranians continue their daily descent into the streets.

It isn’t over. Even if the violence subsides, there are long lasting reverberations making their way through the halls of power.

These are some of the most interesting events in recent memory.

Saberi Makes It Big

The US-Iranian journalist who was imprisoned in a strange country under questionable circumstances has signed a book deal with a major publishing company.

Who said there is no balance in life?

Saberi’s recent exposure means mo’ money…

Tough Talk in Iran

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivered a rare and important speech on Friday.

Events over the following days will be crucial. Mousavi has called for a huge rally on Saturday. Turnout could be decisive in determining how the rest of the story unfolds.

The world is watching…

Sizing Up the Iranian Elections

Iran is experiencing its most serious civil strife in decades. At least one person has already been killed.

The election results remind us that the will of the people is not the deciding force in politics there. Whether or not Mousavi had the election stolen from him is not relevant.

He is no savior himself…

David Gregory Is a Shameless Zionist

The Vice President was on Meet the Press Sunday trying hard not to trip over his tongue. It was a mildly entertaining interview with certain revelations on healthcare and economic policies for those who read between the lines.

Of course, David Gregory could not resist bringing up Israel…

Sizing Up the Lebanese Elections

This picture encapsulates the spirit of the recently concluded Lebanese elections… and it has nothing to do with the results that likely set the circumstances for its publication. The newspaper behind the photo claims it shows an actual ballot used by an angry voter. Khara 3alaykum wa 3ala hal entikhabat. Jumhuriyat moz. Mowaten adami. Most […]

Previewing Lebanon’s Parliamentary Elections

Joe Biden spent seven hours in Beirut on Friday, the highest ranking US official to visit Lebanon in over 25 years. The timing of his stopover was no coincidence. Two weeks from Sunday, Lebanese citizens will head to the polls in a milestone parliamentary election. They will vote for local representatives, choosing from pre-made lists […]

What about Syria?

Soon, everyone in Washington will be able to breathe a breath of fresh air once Benjamin Netanyahu has gone. But it won’t be long before we’re graced with the presence of the illustrious Hosni Mubarak and the honorable Mahmoud Abbas. These three apes will be Obama’s partners in ‘peace’ for the foreseeable future, but some […]

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