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The Struggle to End Domestic Slavery in Lebanon

Migrant domestic workers across the Middle East have almost no legal supervision and their abuse gets even less media coverage, meaning that the slavery that makes the region run is generally hidden from view. And then, once every so often, someone takes out their camera phone and reminds you just whose exploitation is making this all run smoothly.

When Walls Speak

I remember the first time I saw the sea.

Nasrallah Dropped the Ball

Not even the most cunning Zionist plan could have come up with a way to discredit Nasrallah the way he did to himself!

A Shakira Shitstorm in Beirut

You may think that Shakira’s show in Lebanon will be loaded with BS identity marketing, Orientalism and corporate pop globalism. You are so wrong! Shakira’s changing it up big-time.

NATO in Libya: The Syrian Script

Maybe what is happening in Libya is a check-mate situation. Libyans have no moves to make except the ones they are making.

How to Free Palestine

Neither Fatah nor Hamas will end the Zionist Occupation of Palestine. And neither current nor upcoming Palestinian faction (violent and nonviolent alike) can end the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. These facts are based on the following causes: 1 – Israel is in full control of the occupied territories from the Jordan river and border in […]


lebanon is where my roots are. it’s where my mother grew up, where she gracefully dodged shrapnel in her sleep, and where she drank homemade arak. lebanon is where she wept, where she laughed, where she loved, where she learned how to roll grape leaves and learned how to read. lebanon is where my mother dreamt of a different life, without militias, half-assed thugs, and religious fanaticism. lebanon is where she hated.

Dabke in Beirut – VIDEO

Every so often something wonderful happens. Random individuals, decidedly bored with the status quo mundane presence of their surroundings, bust out random and beautiful – or even awkward – dance moves to music seemingly appearing out of no where, as hordes of other seemingly detached strangers join in and all of a sudden a synced melange of gyration covets the eyes of confused and entertained passersby.

Mleeta: Celebrating Resistance

When I had first heard that Hizballah constructed Mleeta, an interactive museum that showcases 24 years of resistance against Israel and her Lebanese collaborators, I did not know what to expect. Although countless articles were written about the facility shortly after it opened in May 2010, I knew that I could only satisfy my curiosity by visiting the site myself. Last Thursday, I made a last-minute decision to visit the museum. I wasn’t disappointed.

What about Lebanon?

Despite the Supreme Military Council’s condemnation of additional strikes and protests, nearly 2,000 people gathered today in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Simultaneously, hundreds of Egyptian policemen marched towards Egypt’s Interior Ministry demanding better wages and attempting to clear their name after facing legitimate criticism for their treatment of protesters during the first few days of Egypt’s uprising. The same revolutionary spirit that brought down Ben Ali and Mubarak in Tunisia and Egypt, respectively, is also inspiring mass demonstrations today in Iran, Bahrain, and Yemen. We can only hope that popular uprisings continue throughout the Arab and Muslim world until the principles of political accountability, freedom, and equality triumph over political despotism, institutional corruption, and autocracy.

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