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U of Michigan students walkout on IDF

As part of its constant propaganda efforts that aim to sterilize and justify Israeli atrocities, especially on Gaza, Stand With Us [As We Perpetrate Apartheid] sent two Israeli soldiers to speak at the University of Michigan. There, the war criminals began justifying the murder of Gaza’s besieged refugees, and were subject to this

3 minute recap: Obama’s UN speech

Barack Obama, the US president, has urged countries in the United Nations to get behind Middle East peace efforts in an address at the UN General Assembly.

But Ali Hasan Abunimah, a Palestinian-American journalist and co-founder of Electronic Intifada, an independent web site about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, said Obama’s speech did not represent anything new.

“That bodes very ill for the peace process that he’s so invested in,” Abunimah told Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi, speaking from the US state of Indiana.

“Let’s judge him not by what he says, but what he does.”

My mother, the infiltrator

My mother is an illegal infiltrator. She has infiltrated her hometown, where her parents were born and where she was raised. Her activities as an infiltrator are as varied as they are nefarious: She takes my sister to school, with the neighbor’s kids. She cooks and cleans her home.

We used rubber coated steel bullets!

The killing of unarmed civilians is commonly referred to as murder, and the Israeli Occupation Forces have gotten so used to doing it with impunity that they now longer bother disputing the charges-only the method of killing. As demonstrations broke out across the West Bank in the last ten days or so in response to […]

Babies under siege

The latest round of false US indignation over continued Jewish-only settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank masks another criminal Israeli policy that has the full support of the Obama administration: the illegal siege and mass imprisonment of Gaza’s 1.5 million people,half of whom are refugees. The siege is around 1,000 days old now and […]

A racist who wants to stop Palestinian reproduction, and an ad so bad it might just do it

Martin Kramer, a (pretty racist) fellow at Harvard, has outlined measures to curb the Palestinian birth rate. What century do these fuckers live in? And what kind of institution gives a platform for people who openly call for genocide? This is the danger of an ideology as illogical and as far removed from reality as […]

BDS must target Israeli academia

The movement of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions called for by Palestinian civil society in 2005 against Israel continues to slowly but surely gain traction around the world as many begin to understand the importance of making Israel pay a price for its expansionism and apartheid policies. However, one aspect of BDS that seems to make […]

Breaking the Silence creates an uproar

30 conscripts and reservists who took part in Operation Cast Lead – some of whom are still serving – spoke of using Palestinians as human shields, of entering buildings behind Palestinian hostages and of forcing Palestinians to knock down the walls of their homes and those of their neighbors with heavy hammers.

Bigotry on the checkout aisle

I know the official discourse in the US over the past few years has tended to be harsh and disparaging, but perhaps the biggest instance of culture shock to hit me here was this image and heading, prominently displayed in a supermarket checkout line.

Israel imposing low-hummus diet on Palestinian laborers

Obesity is an increasingly WIDEspread phenomenon in the Western world, but Israel, fulfilling its promise as a light unto nations, is making sure Palestinians remain healthy enough to imprison for a long time by imposing a strict diet on them.

At the Sha’ar Efraim checkpoint in Tulkarem, the private Israeli security firm that runs the checkpoint (privatizing the occupation) imposes strict limits on the food

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