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Bye Nadeem!

It is with tremendous sadness that I announce the end of an era here at KABOBfest. Long gone will be our excellent photoshopping works and sub-juvenile humor (which he abandoned in late 2007 anyways). Sadly, Nadeem will no longer be blogging with us. Though he left us on good terms, we cannot divulge the reason. […]

The Palestinian Youth Network

The following is a guest posting by KABOBfriend Samar – who would like to share her experience attending the first conference of the Palestinian Youth Network with the KABOBcommunity. Enjoy! I was invited to a conference sponsored by a new France-based organization called the Palestinian Youth Network (PYN). At first I did not know what […]

Protocol of Zion XXV: Blogger Infiltration

I guess it’s finally time to come clean about who Quiqui really is. We tried to keep this shit under wraps cause its like one of those awkward things where everyone knows what the deal is, but everyone’s too freaked out to say it out loud – cause that would make it too fucking real. […]

2 Interesting Quotes aaaand a D-Bag…

I really have no commentary to add to the following two quotes that stem from this week’s substantive and highly successful (does the sarcasm punch you in the face?) Annapolis Conference. I just think they’re deserving of some analysis, if not a brain-fart… Olmert implicitly compares the current state of the Palestinian Territory to Apartheid-era […]

The Kuffiya Kraze Goes Goth!

Seeing as the “Kuffiya Kraze” has become a “hot topic” on KABOBfest, I suppose that it’s only fitting Hot Topic starts selling them… Oh, you don’t know what Hot Topic is? It’s that really hip anti-hipster store in all the major malls that commercializes Goth to the point where high school freaks have begun wearing […]

Meanwhile in Iraq…

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OC3wHWm47k] things are looking good. There were only two “major” bombings in the past two days. Hey, at least democracy’s brought the savages something worthwhile… Sean Paul. WHOOHOO LIBERATION!!!

KSA: “Hell, Even We’ve Got Standards!”

Brace yourselves, here comes the quote of the century… “This is not a theatrical production. We are not coming to be photographed and to shake hands. We do not want to give people the wrong impression.” Is it me, or is Prince Saud al-Faisal’s refusal to shake Ehud Olmert’s hand kinda like when a porn […]

Break Me Off a PEACE of that Kit Kat Bar!

Thank you Associated Press for dumb-ing down the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the point where it seems more like a “duh” than a “hmmmm.” Both Israelis and Palestinians, as well as the AP’s readership, should feel offended by such weak and condescending “reporting” (I use the term loosely). This is precisely the reason why many people […]

For All Those Clueless Darfur Activists…

Apparently Size DOES Matter for Israel

Although I can’t relate, I hear that men with small penises acquire big fancy things in order to compensate for their lack of manhood. So what does an entire nation of little dickheads do? Not build an empire with borders that resemble a giant cock – cause that’s SO 925 B.C. These days, they just […]

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