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You-nilateral? I’m-a-lateral!

Nabil looks at the issue of unilateral actions by Israelis and, uh, apparently Palestinians?

The Taliban in Qatar

Goodwill is not something the Taliban have found in short supply over the festive season. Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, agreed last week to the opening of a Taliban liaison office in Qatar, a week after Joe Biden set out to make it clear that ‘the Taliban per se are not our enemy’.

The Myth-Making of The Iraq War’s ‘End’

While reading the transcript of Obama’s speech at Fort Bragg, meant to signal the end of the Iraq War, three words dominated my mind as I sought to find adjectives that best described the speech – “lies,” and “more lies.”

Zero-Sum Games And The 2012 Election

When the Republicans lose, it means that the Democrats win because there is no other option. The problem is, this is not the case with this situation.

Dear US Attorney Fitzgerald: Enough is enough

Hatem Abudayyeh’s only crime has been his unwavering commitment to justice in Palestine and Arab community organizing in Chicago.

Lessons from Scarface: How to stop a psychopath

Remember the closing scene in Scarface? After killing his best friend, Tony Montana (Al Pacino) retreats back to his gratuitously gaudy mansion and desperately shoves his face into a mountain of cocaine. He watches in utter disbelief while his little sister is killed before his eyes by one of his enemy’s armed henchmen. And while Montana clearly knows that his own death is imminent – most of his friends have either defected or been killed, and the ones that remain will only be able to protect him for so long – Montana still refuses to accept his mortality. Picking up his fully-equipped M16 assault rifle, Montana boldly confronts dozens of Latin American assassins. Frenzied, stoned, and totally delusional, Tony Montana turns his foyer into a pool of blood, until he is finally killed by a single shotgun shot to the back.

Whose “Justice” System?

On February 14th, the US House of Representatives approved a 10-month extension of three unequivocally racist provisions of the Patriot Act, which were initially passed after 9/11/2001 in an attempt to help the US government better monitor “terrorists.” In a nutshell, the provisions allow the FBI to confiscate any “tangible” thing considered relevant to a terrorism investigation; conduct “roving wiretaps” on multiple telephones in the process of a terrorism investigation; and investigate, with few limitations, non-American “lone wolf” terror suspects that are not connected to any recognized “terror” organizations. For his part, Obama supported the provisions’ renewal, although he prefers that they be extended until 2013, not just until December 2011. The Senate is set to vote on the provisions before their February 28th expiration date.

Egypt: Hope We Can All Believe In

More photoshopped Facebook profile images for all our KABOBfans to download, use and pass along. This time, inspired by President Barack Obama’s famous “hope” poster… minus the bullshit.

The DREAM Act Misses the Point

Immigration, legal or illegal, has always been a contentious topic within the American political discourse. Given the United States historic dependence on immigration for economic reasons, it’s only natural that this issue has captivated the attention of every section of the American public. The DREAM Act currently being debated, once again, seeks to provide some form of relief in the greater fight to alleviate the situation of over 12 million people residing in the United States without any form of legal residency. While the effort will undoubtedly be a step in the right direction, it ultimately fails to address a greater and far more pervasive problem.

Hizb-i-Shay Defeats Great Satan

Congrats to the Tea Party for defeating the great imperialist despot, Barry Obamaski, in the midterm elections. Thank you for saving this country from the clutches of doom.

A divided Congress is historically unprecedented and your great benefactors shall be very pleased, especially if they get more tax breaks out of it.

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