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Libya: a Sad Day

When it comes to human rights and democracy, the United States and its allies in Europe have zero consistency.

Dear Occupy Wall Street

The people demand the fall of corporations. The people demand the fall of Wall Street.

Too Fat for a Revolution

This problem is very easy to solve. Just imagine that the building has always had only one elevator. You wouldn’t have anything to be frustrated about.

Dialogue by the Socratic Method

The latest, arguably boldest, article on the “Jordanian Spring” by Jordanian writer Tojan Faisal

The Elephant and the Three Blind Men

Imagine a person endowed with a level of intelligence no other person possesses, but was blind, would he be able to know what the color ‘red’ is?

If I Were a Corporation

My predecessors wrote that the pen is mightier than the sword. Truly, no sword could ever destroy you because you were not created by the sword.

Stephen Hawking’s Godless Universe

What makes science superior to its opponents is that it is based on observed and tested phenomena (i.e. backed with quantifiable evidence). But some things cannot fit in a lab.

Sourian Nationalism Must Overcome (Part 4/4)

Had Souria been one country, the US invasion of Iraq would have been unfeasible, the Lebanese civil war would have never happened, and Israel could not have survived, and we wouldn’t have Palestinian refugees living all over Souria as unwanted foreigners.

Sourian Nationalism Must Overcome (Part 3/4)

When the Egyptian protesters yelled “tahya Masr,” the Christians turned themselves into human shields to protect their Muslim brothers and sisters while they prostrated in their prayers.

Sourian Nationalism Must Overcome (Part 2/4)

The extent of treason by infiltrators and informers (some enticed with money, others tortured into cooperation), for those who dare read into the historical record, was so enormous and grotesque; a catastrophe of a magnitude only equal to its Orwellian necessity to destroy, once and for all, the nationalist aspirations of all Sourians.

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