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Do I Look Suspicious?

A group of Howard University students ask some tough questions.

NYPD Muslim Surveillance

Footage from leaked files of the NYPD

Inshallah, Kashmir

“Burn your Bollywood movies. Come to Kashmir. Walk through our cities. The bridges. The ruins. The graves. Look at what we eat. Look at our buildings. Our shrines. Our architecture. Our speech. Our history. Speak to us. See how we live. We are not you. We have never been you. We don’t want to be you.” – Nitasha Kaul.

Diary of a Bad Man

One of the most popular Youtube shows of the year, in the UK, takes a humorous look at the British Asian experience with religion, relationships and overbearing moms.

America’s Most Lethal Navy SEAL Sniper

I want to feel sorry for him for not being able to see how he was contradicting himself in saying that the people he killed were “savage”, while also maintaining that he had to portray them as savage, and that he had “to get in the mentality and…not think of them as human beings.”

History of US Intervention in Iran

Lest we forget history. Again.

Palestine 1896

These were the first recorded images of Palestine, by the Lumier Brothers.


You know Delhi as a ‘bustling megapolis’ — but do you know Dilli?

Iraqi Tron

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Enjoy.

Afghanistan: Touch Down in Flight

Just stop everything you’re doing right now because it’s probably incredibly insignificant to what this short film is about to throw into your optic nerve.

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