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Egyptian Pop Music Takes on Israel

Mona Eltahawy, the white man’s favorite Egyptian talking head, famously claimed that the Egyptian revolution was not at all about Israel. Egyptian popular music shows where public opinion is now.

Shakira Goes to Israel And Hugs a Murderer

Shakira seems to have answered her own question in her earlier song “Dónde Están los Ladrones” -Where Are the Thieves? She visited a place that was founded by ladrones.

Dear Jon Stewart,

You once said that you have standards, that there are certain individuals you would not have on your show as guests (in reference to Novak for revealing the identity of a CIA agent), but I think over the years your standards have been diminishing.

February 23, 2011, the day you had Donald Rumsfeld on your show (see video), a man much worse than Novak, was perhaps your lowest point

Libya Needs Your Voice NOW

It was a small size protest in comparison with other protests I have seen in the DC area. There were virtually no media outlets to document the protest. Why are most people leaving the people of Libya at the mercy of this lunatic bloody clown?

With Death From Gaza

When you do not distinguish between combatants and unarmed civilians during war, then you deserve to be named a “terrorist.” It makes no difference what your religion is! Yes, even if you are Jewish!

It’s a Looney World News Roundup

This has been such a bizarre week loaded with outlandish news articles about the Middle East and Gaza in particular, are all over the news. Here are few stories that caught my attention, I hope you find them of interest.

World’s Most Ethical Army Vs. The 12 Year Old

The Israeli Criminal Army has imprisoned 12-year old Alhassan Muhtasib of Hebron for the past 9 days. Alhassan, was arrested with his younger brother, Alameer, 7, who was severely beaten by the barbaric forces for suspicion they threw stones.

While the younger Muhtasib was located by his family on day one at an Israeli Army base, the older was moved three different times to different settlements and army prisons. His bail was set too high for the family living under military occupation to come up with, and as such, the kid remained in jail.

Guest Post: Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Deserve Civil Rights

Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon face a very uncertain future. They deserve better. When Palestinians were kicked out of their homeland at gun point in 1948, some found a safe haven in Lebanon, where they were received with an open arms. Lebanese provided them shelters, food and other life essentials years before the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) took over. For that I am grateful, because I was born in one those 12 refugee camps 59 years ago.

Holocaust Survivor Goes on a Hunger Strike for Gaza, Egypt Doesn’t Care

An 85-year-old Holocaust survivor who gave a wonderful interview for Democracy Now about her planned trip to Gaza as part of the Gaza March had made it known that she is pissed at the way the Egyptian government have been treating her and follow activist who came in support of Gaza. American activist Hedy Epstein […]

Santa vs. Israeli Soldiers

[Image source Mahjoob]

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