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Dear US Attorney Fitzgerald: Enough is enough

Hatem Abudayyeh’s only crime has been his unwavering commitment to justice in Palestine and Arab community organizing in Chicago.

The Arab Dictator Stay-Hot List

To be an Arab tyrant these days is not easy. Watching protests calling for their removal can be hurtful to one’s feelings and sense of stability. Don’t fret, here’s what you can do to stay hot.

Islamophobia De Jure: Holy Land Foundation Case a Travesty

Just in case you happen to think that the ‘war on terror’ is no more because the Obama administration won’t use that Bushian phrase, think again. The legal and policy structures that made the war on terror so objectionable are still in place, and they are still trampling on Arab and Muslim rights. In this […]

Glenn Greenwald Pounds the New Republic

Following on Kalash’s post about the media’s hypocritical love affair with Iran’s imprisonment of Roxana Saberi, you have to read Glenn Greenwald’s devastating rebuke to this myopic, selective advocacy of press freedom. He makes the same point as Kalash about the American government’s detention of journalists, who have been held for years with no trial […]

Nothing Beats a Good Poop Tale

Roger Cohen’s recent column “When Nature Calls” draws a modern day lesson from a story that invokes everyone’s greatest fear: a diarrhea attack just when the bathroom is inaccessible. He writes of one such story with legal consequences, and draws from it a moral about modern America: A man who says he desperately needed to […]

Taliban Shoe Shiners Should be Rooted Out

On January 28 of this year, a Federal Judge approed the holding of a guy who used to cook for the Taliban. U.S. District Judge Richard Leon said that Ghaleb Nassar Al Bihani’s work as an assistant cook with Taliban fighters made him an enemy combatant of the United States. This is reason enough for […]

Jury Still Out on the Juryless Military Commissions

Soldiers escort an enemy combatant The War on Terror suffered a major lexical loss yesterday when the Obama administration tossed the legalistic euphemism, and Bush invention, “enemy combatant” into the dustbin of shameful history. The Bush administration invented the term in order to circumvent preexisting legal structures that gave the accused an inconvenient array of […]

California Lawmaker Wants to Carpet Bomb Google Maps to Beat Terrorists

A California lawmaker, Assemblyman Joel Anderson, a Republican, introduced a bill in the state assembly that would require virtual mapping programs to blur out schools, places of worship, government or medical buildings. The punishment for not doing so? Significant fines and possible jail time. The reasoning for this odd measure? To help fight terrorism. Citing […]

Gaza One Month Later

It’s been four weeks since the end (or temporary pause) of the war on Gaza. Israel’s merciless pounding of the tiny, sealed strip of land, chronically overcrowded with three generations of refugees, resulted (predictably) in a massive loss of life and catastrophic levels of destruction. My father returned from Gaza today having spent the better […]

America’s Other Imperial Project: My Appeasement Manifesto

“Man, I’m such a character out of Kipling!“ Keeping his campaign promises to focus the fight in Afghanistan, President Obama is going to soon announce how many more soldiers he will dump into the murderous mess there. After 30 years of conflict, fighting and turmoil, it either should be much, much more, or a huge […]

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