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Colbert Smashes US Media Norway “Coverage”

Stephen Colbert’s Monday night show featured a sharp takedown of US media that rushed to point fingers at Al-Qaeda after the devastating attack in Norway, and then played defense even after they were proved wrong.

The Fifteen Lies of Arab Dictators

With Gaddafi on the ropes, and Ben Ali and Mubarak relegated to the history books, we are getting a better sense of the delusions that Arab dictators propagate to justify their authoritarian powers.

Peter King’s Display

Rep. King poses a threat not only to Americas’ Muslims, but to our national security. He ignored an appeal letter from 51 community based organizations, by stating publicly ,” it not worthy of his response.” He was elected to office and supported by American tax-payers like you and I. This man should be challenged and exposed.

Whose “Justice” System?

On February 14th, the US House of Representatives approved a 10-month extension of three unequivocally racist provisions of the Patriot Act, which were initially passed after 9/11/2001 in an attempt to help the US government better monitor “terrorists.” In a nutshell, the provisions allow the FBI to confiscate any “tangible” thing considered relevant to a terrorism investigation; conduct “roving wiretaps” on multiple telephones in the process of a terrorism investigation; and investigate, with few limitations, non-American “lone wolf” terror suspects that are not connected to any recognized “terror” organizations. For his part, Obama supported the provisions’ renewal, although he prefers that they be extended until 2013, not just until December 2011. The Senate is set to vote on the provisions before their February 28th expiration date.

Guest Post: “Rep. King, Ignoramus or Liar? This Is My America Too”

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph January 28, 2011 The newly elected House Chairman of Homeland Security Committee , Peter king [R-N.Y.] is on a crusade. This law maker is fixated on Muslims in America, like a drug addict hooked on drugs. He will go through pain to defame, smear and insult Muslims in our country. First thing […]

Welcoming Muslims for the love of Christ

This story was not found in mainstream media, but rather on an Arabic website whose name translates as “incoming traffic,” and was filled with heartwarming pictures of the event.

Where is Pakistan’s Halo, Beyonce?

When an earthquake measuring the magnitude of 7.0 struck the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, Haiti, on January 12th 2010, the world immediately froze and mobilized. Hearts leaped out from their otherwise sleeping chambers, as nations and citizens ran to donate – either by texting their donations, set up by several mobile phone providers, or by holding small or big fundraising efforts.

Dear Feds: End the Al-Arian Travesty of Justice

One of the most Kafkaesque post-9/11 cases is still going on. A hearing this Friday could determine whether the latest stage of the government’s legal campaign against him be dismissed or end in re-trial.

The federal government has Dr. Sami Al-Arian under house arrest currently, stemming from an embarrassing, failed prosecution based on terrorism charges.

Editorial: 9/11 anniversary is no time for hate

The nationwide resurgence of anti-Muslim sentiment is sad and unfortunate. It threatens to tear at the seams of the fabric of America. On the ninth anniversary of 9/11, we appeal to the people of Newport-Mesa to refrain from joining in to stoke this frenzy against fellow Americans whose name for God might sound foreign to us, but who call their maker Allah. Locals should instead look to a mosque that’s right here in Costa Mesa, the Islamic Educational Center of Orange County, as an inspiration for spreading peace and goodwill that is so badly

FYI: This September 11th Muslims Will Celebrate, Don’t Panic

Ramadan begins in most Arab countries today August 11 2010….a month from then is September 11th, the 10th anniversary of the terrorist and violent attacks on America’s soil. Many talking heads and demagogues have argued Muslims have danced on the streets in celebration. And something tells me the same talking heads will strike again and take advantage of this and show images of happy Muslims on September 11th 2010, the date that will be the Eid, one of two Muslim holidays. While the majority of Muslims will join the rest of the world in commemorating the tragic events of September 11th, they will also be partying it up for the Eid. In other words, they will take the words of former President George Bush to heart and do what he told the American people to do few people after 9/11 “Go and shop”, that’s why the Muslim holiday like everything in this world has been commercialized.

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