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Vote for Mohamed Bouazizi

I would generally say that voting in The 2011 TIME 100 Poll is an utter waste of time, crude pun intended. But there is one especially deserving of recognition.

Where can I get me a freedom package?

The Daily Show slams U.S. foreign policy inconsistencies in the Middle East in a hilarious infomercial satire. There’s a nice Palestine reference in the offer disclaimer at end.

Libyan Brother Leader Unveils Anti-Drug Campaign

To stem the tide of drug-induced protesters taking over Libya, the country’s Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi is initiating a campaign against drugs. read.

Ending Illegitimate Rule in Bahrain

It would be a mistake for other governments and observers to let geo-political calculations — such as the need to “buffer” Iran — to excuse tyranny and minority rule in Bahrain. This has always been tragic not just for nations’ foreign policies but for the people who suffer under tyranny. Bahrainis will struggle for self-determination and rights and they should be supported. Read.

The Guy Behind Omar Suleiman – In His Dreams

This is the way it should have been. read

The Guy Behind Omar Suleiman and George W. Bush

He has a lot of experience standing behind top political leaders. read

I’m Out Ya’ll

Separated at Birth?

Israeli president Shimon Peres and Abu Homer, Abraham Simpson. Uncanny resemblance no?

Omar Offendum on AJE

Arab-American hip-hop artist Omar Offendum appeared on Al Jazeera English to discuss his new track inspired by the Egyptian protests. The song, #Jan25 Egypt, also featured The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah, Amir Sulaiman (Prod. by Sami Matar). We will be posting a longer write-up about music and Egypt, but for now, hear Offendum talk about the song’s genesis…

An Egyptian-American Initiative You MUST Support

As you all know, today, Egyptians are fighting for their freedom.

On Wednesday, two Egyptian-American activists, and friends of KABOBfest, created a website called http://www.freeegyptnow.org.

They want to use this moment to quickly recruit a constituency of Americans who support freedom in Egypt and lobby members of Congress to end military aid to Egypt’s repressive government. read

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