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Thank You Rae Abileah!

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph June 2, 2011 How funny it is that people will support our Constitution and the right to free speech only when it applies to them, but when it comes to Israel, the rules never applied. You can question the existence of God Almighty, insult Jesus (peace be upon him), or even call […]

Zionism: Spirituality and Nationalism

It is self-insulting to belittle the enemy’s passions and intellect. The self-evident monstrosity of Zionist-Israeli-Jews should not obscure their humanity, the understanding of which is key to the liberation of Palestine.

AIPAC Doesn’t Speak for Me

Hedy Epstein, an 86 year-old Holocaust survivor, repudiates AIPAC and its defense of Israel’s discriminatory legal system and violent security state.

Itamar Killers Found?

After several weeks of besieging the village of Awarta, the Israeli authorities have announced that two teenagers from the village have admitted to carrying out the killings. Something stinks.

Deir Yassin

As Palestinians continue to be attacked, especially in Gaza, it is important to recount the history of massacres that have defined Israel’s expansionist domination of historic Palestine.

The Challenge of Feeding a Family in Gaza

Most days, Randa sends her son to school without breakfast and relies on the fortified snacks offered in the Milk for Preschoolers program run by ANERA, “At least I know my son Mohammed can get milk and biscuits every day.

The Zionist Adventure (Part 4)

The world knew, however, even before 1975, that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.

But politicians are cheap, and there is no indication that Zionist bank accounts, which include the three most powerful industries (petroleum, technology, and weapons manufacturing), are going to run out any time soon.

It’s not that Zionist Jews control the world, but that the global financial/economic impact from the Zionist project is too important for the class of profiteers, including Jews, Arabs, and anyone else in Uncle Sam’s orbit.

The Zionist Adventure (Part 3)

Zionist leaders have resorted to their dirtiest (and probably last) card in their deck: to turn the Zionist, Jewish, and Israeli identities into synonyms.

By insisting to refer to themselves as Jews, they turned every criticism against Israel or Zionism into criticism against world Jewry, and thus anti-Zionism became synonymous with anti-Semitism.

The Zionist Adventure (Part 2)

Just like any other modern country, the Zionist government filled the heads of their children with national myths.

Had it not been for prominent Jewish and Israeli historians and intellectuals, one could listen to Shimon Perez and shed tears as he explains how Israel was born out of a dream, and how the Jews turned the empty desert into a blossoming garden with rivers of honey and milk.

The Zionist Adventure (Part 1)

The simple-minded Arab, however, missed the more obvious and correct explanation; that Zionism was just another European colonial entity that just happens to be of Semitic roots (completely irrelevant), naturally in cahoots with other, like-minded European colonial regimes.

The Zionists are not, and never were, in control of superpowers. They were allies in colonialism, and both sides found mutual interests in furthering the Zionist project.

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