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Gene Simmons, Blathering Zionut

Gene Simmons = Right-wing Zionism + Years of drug abuse + Scant historical knowledge + The uniquely undeserved podium provided by former celebrity status + Excessive cussing

Max Blumenthal does it again… at AIPAC!

Max Blumenthal documents the anti-Palestinian hatefest known as AIPAC. Watch the Zionuts in action.

Zionism: Spirituality and Nationalism

It is self-insulting to belittle the enemy’s passions and intellect. The self-evident monstrosity of Zionist-Israeli-Jews should not obscure their humanity, the understanding of which is key to the liberation of Palestine.

Lieberman vs. Lieberman

Round One! Fight!

Ray Hanania Not to Appear on Dancing With the Stars

Though Ray Hanania has been working his socks off in preparation for his Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) debut, his dream of prancing around on stage in front of millions of viewers was crushed this morning when he received

The Fifteen Lies of Arab Dictators

With Gaddafi on the ropes, and Ben Ali and Mubarak relegated to the history books, we are getting a better sense of the delusions that Arab dictators propagate to justify their authoritarian powers.

Say No To Peter King!

US Rep. Peter King, owes the rise in his political career, to his own support for a foreign terrorist group. He accuses Muslims in America of supporting terrorism, of not being loyal or patriotic citizens, and implied in a recent interview, that Muslims are not true Americans.

Peter King’s Display

Rep. King poses a threat not only to Americas’ Muslims, but to our national security. He ignored an appeal letter from 51 community based organizations, by stating publicly ,” it not worthy of his response.” He was elected to office and supported by American tax-payers like you and I. This man should be challenged and exposed.

Leaked: List of AIPAC’s Favorite Call Girls

In the aftermath of the epic AIPAC scandal and the new allegations in which AIPAC employees revealed to have love for porn and prostitutes, KABOBfest Investigative Journalist Chaim Sugarman obtained a highly classified list of the rumored AIPAC whose

Welcoming Muslims for the love of Christ

This story was not found in mainstream media, but rather on an Arabic website whose name translates as “incoming traffic,” and was filled with heartwarming pictures of the event.

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